Vintage Chanelle

recieving my award for Best in Swimsuit
I was cleaning up some cabinets and found this picture of me in Ms. Filipino American and Asian Pageant in 2002.

This is second to the last of my pageant as a pageant girl but first after moving to Washington. In this pageant I ended up winning Best in National Costume, Best in Swimsuit and above it all the Title of Ms. Filipino-American and Asian 2002.

Crowning Moment with (L) 1st runner up Teriyaki Temple and (R) 2nd Runner up Shaka Kwan

Those were the days!

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Text with friends

My friend Tavita sent me this "Good Morning" text the other day n I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who recieved it. And all I can think about is "oh, just another typical night for T".

I made up how the guy would look like and what I cam up with is a small town boy who probably looks like a jock boy with nice body and hot as hell!

Why not, right?

Good question T, why do you always get the hot straight boys. You are definitely a tranny by heart. Lol!

Love You SiS!

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Chasing Pavements

Everytime I go to YouTube I would search for new covers of Chasing Pavement originally sang by Adele. The whole album is amazing n it's on iPod repeat.

One of my favorite cover artist in YouTube is ErinPaula who is half of the YT! Sensation RinontheRox which in not even sure if they are still bffs si ce I haven't seen any update of video of them.

She did amazing with this song. I really like her voice n other covers!

Check it out!

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