Royal Vag

I dont know who she exactly is. All Wiki says is that she is Tara Palmer-Tomkinson is that she is an "it-girl".

As soon as I saw this picture from the royal wedding, dirty thoughts came into my mind. In some weird way, her hat looks like a vag to me and the flower in the middle doesnt help.


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Hell naw!

I barely see Eiryl since she moved to billing department. But I'm glad I got to see her today and catch up over lunch.

But why in the hell she gotta show up with the same scarf that I'm wearing? Haha! This is the 2nd time I've used it after I bought it from a scarf sale at work and she said Niq, her sister have had it for awhile.

Does this explain we are still connected even if we don't see each other? I think so

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Raja won Rupaul's Drag Race Season 3. I've like her since her cameos at America's Next Top Model. Her humor, poise, couture thinking and going above and beyonce amazes me. Not as fierce of a performer/lip sych-er but she delivers well.

The first time I saw the show this season, I knew I've seen her and the voice just sounds familiar. I knew it was her!


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... still love my girl Manila Luzon though. Way to represent the Philippines!

League Champs part 2

We finally got our medals for the Seattle Volleyball Club league and  yes we were the CHAMPS!!! yeyeah!
It was held last night at Broadway Bar and Grill together with all other divisions, it was a night of food, socializing and drinks! We decided to eat at Chinatown before heading out the awards ceremonies and catched up with everyone at the Grill. It was nice to see the players outside the court and just hang out. After that, we decided to visit our friend Troy at Autobattery Sports bar where he works as a bartender.
Chill night with tons of friends! Loves it!
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League Champs part 1

I play Seattle Volleyball Club league on and off seasons and for Nakamura (6) asked me if i'd wanna play for Winter league. I said yes coz i thought it would be fun and im playing with friends.
We had a good season. There are nights theres only 5 of us playing even if we had 7 (sis Nessa didnt make it to finals coz of work). Fortunately, we only had one off night and only won 1 game but still get to keep our number 1 seeding.
It was a short finals day for us coz there's only 3 teams on our division but have been playing with lower division all season. Its unfair for some of them to play us in finals though i think they really can. We won our first match versus Sweet Spot who we been up and down with all season and then after that win we basically just waiting for finals. Yay us! Sweet Spot had to play Vigilante who they have defeated on their first match.
Championship match was pretty close and had good rallies and Sweet Spot definitely made us werq! But we got it together and won the Gold medal! Yay us again!
Great Job Alpha Kenny Body! Till the next season we decide to play! haha!

He made me blush and cheated right after

... a patient visitor has been in and out the ER and i was so annoyed. patient got discharged and both of them were standing right on my desk while the visitor was looking for something in his pocket. patient asked him what is he looking for and said wait a minute. he handed me a piece of paper with his name and phone number. made me blush but BYE GURL!

I posted the same pic on my facebook and a co-worker made a comment saying that the same guy got a piece of paper with a name and phone number from the same guy. Thats why i called this "he made me blush and cheated on me right after".

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RIP iPhone 3gs (12.31.09 - 4.14.11)

There was a reason behind why I havent been blogging lately and one of them is because my iPhone finally died on me. I was able to revive my iPhone after it decided to dive in the sink at the club with full of water. Took couple of days to dry it out but it finally gave in.
Last week, it stopped working while I was at work. It worked just fine in the morning but as I was about to go to my lunch break it just shut off. I tried charging it but i was positive that i still have enough batter on it. I rushed to an AT&T store right away to see my options but unfortunately they couldnt help me coz I am out of warranty and didnt subscribe for some Apple care insurance. They referred me to go to an Apple store hoping that they could help me better. I rushed to the closest Apple store and they checked on my phone. I didnt tell them that I had liquid damage coz i know that they would never help me with my phone.
The guy came back after checking it and sure enough he deteceted the liquid damage. And at the same time the sim plate that i was using is my friends sim plate from california. BUMMER! I gave up and have no other options. Currently im using my HTC 8125 which is vintage already with smart phones. But its a working phone but just not the same.
I finally figured out how to blog thru email but the pictures will be a lil jacked up coz i dodnt know how to put it in the middle. I just have to do a lil editing at home coz work pc wont allow me to go to blogger to make a post or edit a post.
Anyhow, hope I get to post more and keep this up to date.
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Saw this posted at work. It made think about it. It is true that I can't be happy everyday but I can be cheerful?

Would that make me fake? Can I live a life if just fronting my happiness?

Can you?


Food heaven

OMG! I haven't had Salt am Pepper Pork in forever!!!

My mom and brother bought Chinese to go and it was the best way to end my weekend.


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Cha! Cha! Cha!

My co-workers was trying to get my attention last week starting with that small note in the middle followed by a medium one on the right and a pretty big one on the right but I was on my own zone and wasn't paying attention around me but was just quiet.

They gave up and just called me and showed me this signs. I cried laughing.

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