Road Trip to Priest Lake,ID part 1

Boo and I got invited by my friends parents to visit their resort in Priest Lake, Idaho. 
Of course, who are we to say no to that? I mini get away and relaxation sounded really good
coz the next few weeks will be so busy for Gay Pride in Seattle and as we leave for Dallas the weekend after.

I filmed a lil but here and there but mostly its just the sights on our 5 hour drive Idaho from Seattle. Also as we arrived, drinks just started pouring so again, who are we to say no? Haha!

Enjoy! And I apoligize for my poor editing skills.


Greenlake Sunday

Since I attended Vlogger Fair, I wasactually pushed a lil bit more on trying vlogging.
So yesterday, I decided to turn my phone camera on (actually my friends phone since mine is full already).
I was looking for music to come with it too and I thought my find was pretty nice by Slakah the Beatchild.

Some of you might think that my style of vlogging is very newbie and yes I agree. I have no clue how to edit and just use my phone to do it with the Splice app from iTunes. My inspiration of style is Fun for Louis but of course I can never top his filming and editing skills. 

Well there goes my stab on trying to vlog! Hope you enjoy!
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Vlogger Fair Seattle

Finally! I'm able to write this entry.
To be honest, I was still fan girling a day or two after the event. I never thought I would be able to attend a YouTube event since i'ts not really popular to have one here in Seattle.

On June 8 and 9, the first ever Vlogger Fair was held in Seattle Terminal 5.
I was hesitant to go in the beginning coz 1. I am not a YouTuber (eventhough I've been wanting to but a huge fan off tons of YouTubers) and 2. I am not a Vlogger and consider myself more of a blogger. I immediately thought of my friend Jerome who has a YouTube Channel called ohitsROME. He is the perfect person to go with not only because this is his chance to network and vlog around vloggers like him. And I'm glad that he said yes coz we had so much fun!!!

Here is Jerome and I at the red carpet. Nothing too fancy, just staff asking for our cameras and camera phones and they will take a picture of us instead of us taking a selfie. Haha! Those coffees on our hand were free and who doesn't want free stuff? 

Let's get into who met on the first day of Vlogger Fair...

One of the main reasons why I wanted to attend this event is because of Joey Graceffa. I've been following him in forever and he is such a funny guy with tons of personality. He was recently in the Amazing Race but unfortunately didn't win but by far my favorite amongst the other competitors.
Joey was definitely one of the favorites that day. As soon as he came in the warehouse, he had tons of fans following him going to the VIP booth but not too long he came out from the curtains and everybody started screaming for him. 
Security had to send him to another location by the stage where he can sign stuff and take pictures. He was probably there for 3 hours and entertained every single fan in the line including Jerome and I. After his Q&A he continued signing and taking pictures with everyone again. 

Check out this vlog filmed by Jerome:

I also met Catrific arriving with Joey that day and she also had quite of a following. I spotted her on a perfect timing on her own so I didn't have to wait in a line or anything. She was such a sweetheart and immediately said yes when I asked for a picture. 

And then there's itsjudytime/itsjudyslife. Jerome and I are both fans of Judy. Not only she is local, but  I've met her cousins Kate who is one of the Sistersof604.I was supposed to meet her a year ago when I was invited for lunch but didn't make it :( (You'll see why on her vlog). Jerome and I was outside when they arrived. To my surprise, as we approached them, Judy was like "OMG! ChaCha?!?" and lil dorky me replied "OMG! Judy!!!" I told her that I was surprised that she remembers me even if we haven't really met but she only saw a picture of me from her cousin Kate. Judy is super nice and she is just like her in her vlogs.  I'm hoping to see her again on another event.
I couldn't stop myself but apprach Benji who was carrying #juliannabear on the side while Judy was signing and taking pictures. Judy was a super mom though, she would excuse herself from the fans and do mommy juties almost at the same time. Jovelle who is Judy's bestfriendwas there too. She just started vlogging couple of weeks ago and her vlogs are super entertaining and she is super funny. Looking forward for her future vlogs for sure!
Check out Judy's vlog...

Another perfect timing when Jerome and I was outside and Landon Austin and Luke Conard arrived. They were pretty much in the groove or mood yet coz they just literally gotthere when I asked for a pic. Haha! But I was able to talk to them again inside and they are super nice! Love these guys music and I was pretty bummed that I wasn't able to go to their concert the next day.

This is Louis. He is best known for his crazy appetite for weird stuff on his channel FoodForLouis but I found out about him on his vlog channel FunForLouis. This guy is so free spirited and easy to love. He enjoys his life so much and it's so contagious whenever I watch his vlogs. When I found out that he will be at Vlogger Fair I was for sure wanting to attend more! And the picutre above just totally made me happy. I spotted him from a far coz he is so tall and you won't miss his dreadlocks. You can even see his smile from a distance. I got to chat for a second with him and asked how was his recent travel from the east side of Canada. I've watched his Vlogger fair episodes and I'm glad to hear that he likes Seattle :).

Now this is the master of it all, Chris Pirillo. He is the genius behind Vlogger Fair. 
I can tell that he was getting overwhelmed with all that's going on but the guy is so nice.
I'm really hoping that he keeps Vlogger Fair in Seattle so I can attend each year. And from the attendance over the weekend, it looks like it will just keep getting bigger and bigger. Great Job Chris!!!

Thanks again Jerome for going with me at Vlogger Fair. I had a blast all day!
It's funny how we said that finally we can talk about YouTube with somebody without getting the weird vibe. HaHa! I know you have been pushing me to start vlogging and slowly I might just get there. 
Btw, Congratulations with your 2,000 subbies!!!

Can't wait for Vlogger Fair 2014!!!
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