Gotta love Seattle weather

I got out of my apartment parking lot today with the surprise of a super foggy Seattle (pic on d right), comparing with d pic on d left taken when I got home from work yesterday. Hopefully it turns out the same later in d afternoon.

Gotta love Seattle!

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Derek Ramsay in Oxygen

I just got done watching "Magkaribal" which I've been surprisingly following lately, got bored so I googled Derek. I don't really follow his career so i don't know what's going on with him.

Then I saw this photo of him from an ad with Oxygen ...

Can i have one to go please? Yum! And ur welcome!!!

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Broknee (broken knee): my friend Raspy from Portland posted a comment on the same pic below on my Facebook page asking if "Cankle"(cow ankles) is for a broken ankle then what would it be for the knee? The result?

So I played volleyball today and was really excited. Like a normal volleyball day, one would ask on Facebook who would be going to whichever location. On Wednesdays, its mostly either Indoor Volleyball at Rainier Community Center or because it's summer and we've been having a good streak of good weather, some people player prefer playing Outdoors Volleyball at Greenlake.

I started hitting up people through text or Facebook or text messages and we had a good turn out. Really competitive and good volleyball.

What sucked?

I played an outdoors volleyball down at Portland last Saturday so pretty much my approach is totally off. I couldn't make a kill to save my life. I hate when this happens most especially with a good competition. It kinda reminded me why I prefer not playing outdoors. Not to mention I already have a bad right knee.

By the end of the night, I can feel my knees complaining already. But I ignored it. By the end of my last game, I felt something funny under my knee cap nit to mention there's already fluids that I can feel on top of it.

I got home and prepared dinner and while waiting for it to heat up, I made myself some ice pack in a ziploc and wrapped it with cling wrap around my knee to aecure it for some "rehabbing".

This sucks! I have a tournament in about two weeks or so at Long Beach. It will be my season opener for NAGVA. I really needy heal fast so can be ready.

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The PhatGayKid aka Jonnie strikes back!!!

I saw his channel the first time months ago when he was just starting and have been posting videos of him on my Facebook page. One friend from Facebook recently posted a video of him and totally made me curious how his channel has been doing.

His latest project is a cover of Justin Biebers "Baby" ...

Too bad he got cut when he is about to do Ludacris' rap part or as he calls his Lud-I-Cris! He never fails to give me the LOLZ!!!


Bekimon (Baklang Jejemon)

via Bekimon Facebook page
 Bekimon: (noun) isang Bakla, Lalaking bakla or Babaeng Bakla na Hardcore gumamit ng Gay lingo sa usapan at kahit sarili Nya ay Hindi Nya maintindihan minsan.

I've been so addicted following this guy in YouTube. His name is Bern Josep (yosep) Persia, a photographer/call center agent from the Philippines. He had this brilliant idea of making a video series using the Filipino Gay Lingo that I grew up learning from friends and in the streets of the Philippines.

I must say I miss using/talking in a complete Bekimon mode. I attended 3 1/2 years of college in Far Eastern University which is very know for having a huge amount of LGBT students.

I get to conversate in Bekimon mode here in Seattle as well with my Filipino friends whom I've met ever since I've moved here. No to mention when I'm talking to my Bay Area and Filipino friends everywhere that I met through volleyball.

Bern or Mudak in his YouTube video series brings me back home. It's almost like the Filipino Gay Channel that I watch just like how I watch The Filipino Channel.

In his very young and new series, not all his videos are clear. Some are taken from a webcam, cellphone cameras and sometimes it's through a clear digital camera. But I see a good future to his channel if he keeps up a good work.

On this video, he teaches his son the Bekimon Alphabet or as he calls it "AlphaBecks". Its super funny!

I love how he has other characters like Grandma Mudak, Junior and the ever popular voice behind the camera, Mudaks son. Everybody is going insane how mysterious his character is with the bedroom voice that he has. I couldn't resist but got curious and even left a comment on of the videos asking about the son.

I would definitely follow this addicting series and hoping that he would post more interesting videos.

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Downtown Seattle Dusk

I was driving home last night from playing volleyball down in rainier community center and as I drive by I-5 North, the view of downtown Seattle by sunset/dusk just attracted me. Not to worry, I just got out of the freeway when i took this and stopped while taking it.

I've been wanting to capture downtown Seattle most especially around sunset time and I finally got one!

Yay for me!

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One of my Dads previous job

I was watching a Filipino telenovela last night with my Dad which I have been following lately. "Magkaribal" (Rivals) is a story of log lost sisters who ends up being big rivals in the fashion industry. The two was separated when they were younger and one of them ended up being rich and the other ended up in the streets which she met a guy who eventually became her long lost sisters future boyfriend.

What does this have to do with my dads precious job. In the middle of watching the telenovela, my dad shared his experience working for a now prominent Filipino designer, Pitoy Moreno. He told me that he used to be a pattern maker/helper for the Filipino designer. He said that he would be doing some construction stuff on days after he got his Architecture diploma then at night, he would help with pattern making for the designer. It suddenly made my silly mind say, no wonder he has a fierce "daughter" in the present time. Lol!!!

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Bad Day by Daniel Powter turned into a Good Day

I woke up pretty early today and feeling a little different. I wasn't dragging like normal (haha!) getting ready for work. No snooze buttons coz I even beat my alarm clock.

As my normal routine I would turn in my iPhones iPod and it would play a random song on my list coz I have it on shuffle. Today, the first song that played was Daniel Powter's song Bad Day (yah! Remember that American Idol Farewell song seasons ago?).

I immediately skipped the song and refused to get sucked into the message of the song, hence, it's title. I did my normal morning routine, took a shower, put my make-up on, blow dried my hair and with extra time I got to curl my hair. I would normally go to work with my hair barely fix and just down and straight. I got compliments from the people at work and gladly thanked them. I've been growing out my hair since I got over going crazy with the "emo" look with 5 different short layers and just messy hair and wanted to rocks some beach waves for this summer. And why not start today, where everyone was waiting for the day to come to actually feel like summer in Seattle where everybody has been really excited for the 77° weather. haha!

My normal work schedule starts off opening Radiology Admitting at 630am, but before going to my desk, I would stop by the emergency room where I would have my morning talk/catching up with a good friend of mine Eiryl who moved to graveyard shift because of school. We used to hang together all the time at work when she worked in the morning but she had to make choices. This time was different, after not seeing each other the whole weekend and an extra day off for her, she told me that Jael, who works for Radiology has called with a patient who has been somewhat complaining about being asked to be there early for check in but felt like he was not being entertained from his needs. I  rushed going there so i can attend to the patient right away and as soon as I got there I saw my patient and he immediately gave me a look. As soon as I call him to go to my desk so I can check him in, he immediately said "I don't know why would they ask me to come in early for check in", I quickly responded and said that his appointment is not until 730am and they just want early check ins just in case there's other things to be done before a procedure. He was definitely one of those "difficult" patients but that would not ruin my early day. I calmed him down and apologized for the inconvenience and politely explained his next steps. I suddenly remember my friend Nate from SoCal, he always have these nice and inspiring words on his Facebook page every morning and I always looking forward on reading them. I remember he once said that your positive attitude would feed in to other people. I think I just did that with my patient. Thanks Nate!

After getting my breakfast and moving to the emergency room at 830am, my coworker Michele and I would go out and do our morning routine but again today was different, my day even got better coz Eiryl stayed for some overtime then Rizza ended up working with us since one guy called in sick. I get to hang out with my chicas all day at work!!! YAY!!! To make my day even complete, my Poppa Twinky surprised me at work today!!! I love it when he does that! And mind you, every time he surprises me, I would just so happen to look outside my window and see him from a far walking, almost like I can feel him around. haha! Super corny but true! I have been wishing him "Good luck" with his new job since last night and this morning and im happy I got to do it again but this time in person. Poppa used to live 2 blocks away from my hospital and he still gets to park there by permit. Maybe this means I'll get morning visits from him from now on. Haha!!!

Today was a really good day. I was thinking positive all day and brushing negative thoughts away. I learned that its true when you think positive thoughts and energy it would feed in the rest of your day. I hope this continues!

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