Road Trip to San Francisco

What happens when a group of adventurous Filipinos decide to do something spontaneous? With my friends and I we ended up in San Francisco.

Originally, the drive was just upto Portland, OR where there is a volleyball tournament happening on the same weekend but because of the lack of interest weeks before we decided to just go somewhere else since we are already off for the weekend. The decision making was pretty easy but not as smooth. All we had to figure out is who among us are in for the fun, the car plus gas money and a place to stay.

Everything fell into the right place and all we had to do is leave. Haha! I was so excited for I was missing my friends from the bay already after their visit in Seattle weeks before.

Had a blast like always with a lil rough patches here and there but all in all I would do it all over again. Maybe in another city or something but the memories we made that weekend was definitely worth the 12 hour drive.

not using xoxo,