Mrs. Carter Show in Dallas

Last week has been another Beyonce week for me. Well who am I kidding? Every week is a Beyonce week but last week was extra special in a way. 

I thought my Vogue magazine subscription that I'm getting for free courtesy of ELF has expired courtesy of $30 order from last year that comes in with free year subscription. Well I was wrong! I was excited to recieve the issue where Beyonce is in the cover. I'm quite not sure if this is the only cover coz I've seen other ones in different pose and outfits. But anyways, I really havent read through the magazine yet but seen the pics and it was FAB-U-LOUS like always.

Last night, my mom told me that I got a mail from Ticketmaster and the first thing that came into my mind was the Mrs. Carter Show tickets that Boo purchased for us. I dropped everything on my hand and grabbed the letter and opened it immediately. Sure enough, it was our tickets. I didn't know that Boo put my address down for delivery so I didn't really expect it to come into our mail but it really made me happy and excited.

The date we chose is the Dallas show on July 6th which is a perfect excuse as well to visit my very good friend who I call Poppa who moved there 2 years ago plus it's his birthday weekend as well. The other dates that we considered was LA which is a Friday but Boo can't miss intern work and then the day after in Vegas which I've been sick off and probably gonna be really expensive. I'll be missing the San Francisico tournament which breaks my heart coz we all know how much I love the Bay so much and the volleyball tournament is runned by one and only Sheona. :( I really feel bad to miss it but I have to make some sacrifices and choices. But all I know is that it will be all worth it. a weekend with my Boo with our very first trip together to see our main girl Beyonce.

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Life according to Tumblr/Instagram - January

Took a screenshot of my Tumblr which is synced with my Instagram.
It's pretty interesting seeing it as a whole and looking back.
I know its not a whole lot of my pictures and my friends
but it shows my interest, emotions, food, humor and whatnot.
One reason why I love blogging so much.
You can go back and relive all the memorable moments of your life.
The main reason why I called it ChaChaDIARIES.

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Thinking of a new hobby

My life has always been about volleyball, traveling and clubbin for so many. It has always been the same over and over again. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about finding a new hobby or something that I can do on my downtime.

Two things stood out from the ideas I came up with, learning how to play a guitar and/or piano. I learned the basics when I was younger. My sisters taught me how to play the piano or at least play some songs and my childhood friends taught me some basics playing the guitar. I thought it would be fun to start over again and learn how to really play. Nothing major like big time musicians but it would be nice to be able to play these intruments and have my "ME" time and enjoy doing it. Hmm... something to really think about and consider. Maybe I can start with online tutorials with the guitar or something and then eventually sign up for pro lessons.

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I want this chair

This chair is kind of a trip!


Mrs. Carter Show World Tour Ad

I die for this ad!!!
This Queen Elizabeth inspired ad for her Mrs. Carter World Tour just gives me the goosebumps and making me more excited.

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Raindrops & Fog

Thirsty Thursday Fun

A lil Thirsty Thursday Fun with friends never hurt.


So I've been keeping up with the "trend" on social networking and Thursdays is ones of my favorite days because I get to post somethinig throwback photos. I don't mean to go crazy and go back to college or highschool days that wont be cute(if you know what I mean). This previous Thursday, I found some pictures that was seriously a blast from the past when I just moved here in Seattle and before Thirsty Thursdays happened. I don't know how I'd feel on how I look but at the same time you just have to laugh about it. LOL!

I think I was about 20 or 21 on this picture. (yes, I had a fake ID just like more than half of the teens nowadays) We would hit up Rplace and just stay on the 2nd floor and play pool a lot of the nights.

Who doesn't love 80's music? Before Thirsty Thursdays there was 80's night at Neighbours nightclub. I remember working until 1230am in the same hospital I work at now and would be in a hurry after work just to go dancing couple of blocks away from work. I am a 80's baby so listening to this music is definitely my jam and definitely brings back tons of memories from childhood back home. I shared the same liking with tons of friends who upto now we share some laughs whenever we remember those nights.

I'm looking forward to more #throwbackthursdays and would try to dig to some more old pics that reminds me of the good 'ol days. Its refresing and a great reminder of who I am now.

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