My San Jose Diaries (part 1)

our SJ team minus Vka

I'm currently sitting in the plane (sucks sitting in d middle but then again i cant complain, all i need is a drink and a cute guy in my right. Grandma kn my left but who cares lol)heading to another NAGVA tournament. But this tournament is extra special because it's my sisters in d Bay Areas hometown.

Just like Vancouver BC and Portland, the Bay Area has always been a home away from home to me. I remember playing my first NAGVA tournament around 2006 with Ben Boyles, Vka and Eric my Chics from Seattle joined with Sanjay, Ian and Gerry Lising from Vancouver BC, playing BB. That was an amazing experience for me. I think besides playing Portland Vancouver BC and Seattle, that was my first "out of town" tournament. I remember Ben, Chics n I making good memories in d bay area. Driving up to San Francisco the first night we arrived in San Jose and meeting up with our Islander sisters partying the night away in Badlands which is a recipe to hang over when we had to play early Saturday morning. Sure enough, we played with hang over.

We decided to stay in Saturday night and just looked for the closest liquor store. That was d same night that Ben taught me the number to text with d keyword of the place that you are looking for. (I don't remember it now, thanks to technology giving us Google maps and yelp! Lol)

An unexpected no show happened courtesy of Vka with our first match for tournament play that Sunday. Must have been another late night with the Islanders in the city. He then showed up later on but our chances of moving forward was already pretty low which leads on getting eliminated super early and as i remember I wasn't even lunch time yet. Lol!

The question is , what is there to do? Our flight is not until 8pm so we have a half day of nothing and we couldn't go back to our hotel room coz we checked out early in the morning already. Ben, Chics and I looked at each other with this lil grins on our faces. We knew what each other was thinking and we knew we want to make it happen. We then started driving down the hill from Foothill College where the tournament is being held. Now it probably makes u wonder what's down the hill. It is the same liquor store where we bought our drinks from the previous night. That time, the 10% Four Loko wasn't discovered yet and it was .8% Sparks was the Volleyball "drink". I remember when we got to the liquor store; I was trying to pull a Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie move on d cashier guy trying to get free stuffs but in that case it's free alcohol that I was aiming for. But sadly, no luck with that. LMAO!

After our failed adventure in the liquor store we headed back to the gym to kill time before our flight and watch couple of matches. That was the time that I met Mama Denise for the first time and admired the way she plays. Who would have known after 4 years we will be playing not only for the same tea. But also the same city where we first met. Anyways, out of boredom and probably couple of cans if Sparks, we invited a game to entertain ourselves more. It involves a can of Sparks and a Skinny Bitch on top of it. The goal of the game is to stand on top of he Sparks can the longest. As far as I remember Ben won that game but that doesn't mean Chics and I didn't put in good seconds on top of a can before it crashes. He face that Ben made when he passed the 10 seconds mark was precious. It was that face of shock and excitement combined into one no to mention the smile of a 4 year old in a candy store. Haha.

Flying back to Seattle, I know for a fact that even though we didn't bring home a medal, I still brought good memories, stories and new friendships home and I can tell this story over and over again.

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Missing ur friends is such a Bitch

From playing all this volleyball tournaments with NAGVA and meeting a lot of people all around the US and Canada, I've really gotten close to my NorCak Volleywood family. I'm si glad that I've met then and had a chance to play with most of them this season.

It bites sometimes that they all in the Bay Area while I choose to stay in Seattle. I would love to hang out with them everyweek or even play open gyms with them every so often.

One of my friends down in the Bay Area John, that I usually talk to almost everyday sent me an IM telling me that they are all having dinner together after playing open gym. Then I sent a text to my friend who we call the HeirAce to hit him in the arm for me just because he is making me jealous but said that he is way across the table for him to do it. The HeirAce then surprised me with a video (below) of all of them saying Hi! I thought it was sweet of him but at the same time I was still "J". Haha!

I was actually out and about the same night with Grimace and at the same time my FAVORITE TWINKY ERIK BETZ went out so that we can catch since we havent seen each other for almost a month. After a couple of drinks at Purr, we decided to dance the night away at RPlace at 1am since its no cover charge to get in. I know we are cheap like that. LOL.

We then decided to eat some Chips and Artichoke dip that Grimace made for his bartender and bouncer friends at RPlace who I know at the same time. Out of of our excitement and probably intoxication, I decided to take a video that I can send the HeirAce since he knows Grimace and Twinky as well. Twinky decided to do this gymnatics moves which is perfect coz the HeirAce is known to be the Dominique Moceanu of NAGVA. LOL.

Next week, I'll be seeing my friends from the Bay Area and I cant wait to play volleyball, laugh and hang out with them once again! I'm looking forward for the weekend and hoping that it will be fun!

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Hair Experiment

I was getting ready last to go to Changes at 45th for UW Club Mens Volleyball. While I was straightening my hair and was working in my top layers, I tied the longer layers if my hair and it looked like I just chopped my hair short.

Remember the Victoria Beckham Hair Craze? Yes, I followed that trend about 2 or 3 years ago. Eventhough iwas really scared to sit on my hairstylists hair and even I had confidence that he will do a great job since he has been doing my hair for years, I was scared of the change.

Anyway, I decided to post the picture on Facebook (pic on top) after I fixed my hair and made it look like I chopped it. I wanted to know with what my friends would say. I was scared that they would tell me that I look like a bubble head or it just looks super ugly. But then it looks like they liked it.

I've been growing out my hair and pobably won't make a visit with my hairdresser until April. I want it to be long so when summer comes I can rock on some sexy long beach waves but i have to admit, i liked this look and maybe someday I would have the courage of chopping it this short.


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Aaron Carter for NOH8 Campaign

I was checking on our Twitter last night and stumbled with Aaron Carter picture for the NOH8 Campaign.

Who would have thought that this lil kid would turn into this. The kid basically grew up on everybodys eyes as a singer/performer then later in joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars.

If you haven't heard of the NOH8 Campaign, here's what the campaign is all about.

On November 4, 2008 Proposition 8 passed in California, amending the state Constitution to ban same-sex marriage. The defeat provoked a groundswell of initiative within the GLBT community at a grassroots level, with many new political and protest organizations being formed in response.

The NOH8 Campaign is a photographic silent protest created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska (http://www.bouska.net) and partner Jeff Parshley in direct response to the passage of Proposition 8. Photos feature subjects with duct tape over their mouths, symbolizing their voices being silenced by Prop 8 and similar legislation around the world, with "NOH8" painted on one cheek in protest.
Nearly one year since its inception, the NOH8 Campaign has grown to over 2,000 faces and continues to grow at an exponential rate. The campaign began with portraits of everyday Californians from all walks of life and soon rose to include politicians, military personnel, newlyweds, law enforcement, artists, celebrities, and many more.

The NOH8 Campaign has received overwhelming support from around the world, appearing on various local and national news programs and publications. The images are currently being used on various social networking sites to spread the message of equality, predominantly Facebook and Twitter. Eventually the images are expected to be compiled for a large-scale media campaign.
Funds raised by the NOH8 Campaign will be used to continue promoting and raising awareness for Marriage Equality and anti-discrimination on a global level through an educational and interactive media campaign. (text from www.noh8campaign.com)

Enough with the hotness but then again, I think what makes it hotter is that he supports this Campaign and he is more mature now understanding and open minded.

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phots by  Adam Bouska (http://www.bouska.net) from www.noh8campaign.com

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Hanging out with my favorite Twinky

Last night I finally got to hang out with my favorite Twinky. With our work schedule just not matching hence the traveling that I've been doing with the NAGVA Tournaments that I've been playing plus Twinky traveling to Texas almost every other month to see his BF Ryan.

As soon as he arrived at Purr Cocktail Lounge last night I gave him a huge hug and I realized how much I miss him more than a text message that we would occasionally send each other.

After having couple of drinks, we decided to RPlace Nightclub to get on with sone dancing. Twinky has always been one of my favorite dancing partners. We used to just dance the night away even when he was still underage and would get into some clubs in Seattle.

To close out our night, we decided to meet up with Marc to get some Mexican fix from our hunger. Marc was working all night and as you can see from the picture, he was pretty thirsty and just chugging away with the Vodka Redbull that Grimace made.

In really looking forward with hanging out with Erik aka Twinky more in the future. I truly miss him, more than an occasional text message would say.

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Dear John

Not only I've been a big fan of Channing Tatum but I've been a fan of the writer of the book, Nicholas Spark who wrote The Notebook andA Walk to Remember to name a few which I loved when it came out. I might not be a huge book reader but those two movies touched my heart in someway. Yes, im one of those people crying in the movies and bought in the DVD when it just came out.

Dear John tells the story of John Tyree (Channing Tatum), a young soldier home on leave, and Savannah Curtis(Amanda Seyfried), the idealistic college student he falls in love with during her spring vacation. Over the next seven tumultuous years, the couple is separated by Johns increasingly dangerous deployments. While meeting only sporadically, they stay in touch by sending a continuous stream of love letters overseas--correspondence that eventually triggers fateful consequences.(text copied from Dear John website)

Sounds like a typical love story hence the Army plot to it. But then again, If you are really into movies like this, it can be a different story. Im really looking forward on seeing the movie and hopefully I can post a review to about it.

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P!nk Live in Grammys

I have to admit, I've been following P!ink's performances since she started coming out as an artist. Yes people! The bright pink hair and all.

P!nk performed on the 52nd Grammy Awards and she just doesnt stop to amaze me on how she performs. You can definitely see her passion on her craft and not to mention her athletisism and amazing vocals.

I went to her "Fun House" concert when it stopped by here in Seattle and when I saw her do it again in Grammy night it felt like it was my first time to see it.

Hope you like it!!!

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Text with Friends

It has been a trend with my Facebook friends that started with my Canadian friends to take a screen shot on their iPhone on some of their silly text messages together.

One of my friends Marc texted me at 1:15am talking about our other friends posting, telling me about what Nack did on facebook.

This one was right on the money. I'm for sure this doesn't end here and Marc would get Nack back and I'll be waiting for that moment.

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Manny "PacMan" Paquiao gets a visit from an Action Legend

I'm not really a big fan of Boxing but then again Manny "PacMan" Paquiao I really representing the Philippines really well. I don't even know how much belts has he won n titles that he is currently holding and I don't want to Google it.

But it looks like one of Hollywood Action star is a big fan. Steven Seagal visited PacMan in his LA home tonight. How random? Please don't tell me they are planning on making a movie together. That can be a recipe of disaster and a lil waste of DVD, coz we all know it will go straight to DVD if the movie happens.

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Jersey Shores Snookie get a Makeunder

What happened to our latest guilty pleasure?

Our favorite Guidette Snookie got a make under from the Inside Edition for a special episode. What? Is she gonna be an Insider or be like Levi Johnston who sat around and was asked a question every 10 minutes and said nothing else?

But according to Snookie, this is just temporary and she is definitely not liking it!

We miss the Empire State high Poof and the Orangutan Tan. Do u agree? Whichbibe do you like better?

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Boredom at Work

We were bored at work in a slow day in the Emergency Department. Normally, our Mondays are crazy. We don't know why people get sick over the weekend most of the time and comes Monday, patients decide to be seen.

We have this small intercom monitor in the front desk area and we decided to take pictures while each one is in the other end doing silly poses.

Rizza, the one in the middle pic threw in the idea per her excitement of notcig the new monitor which has been there forever. Can't blame her though, she is usually on another area.

So I posed first n thougt it was fun n had her go second. Eiryl, who works with us but moved to the graveyard shift came by comic from her second job from lunch break. She works for another hospital a block and a half away from where we work. After eatig her Teriyaki, I showed her the pics n asked her to do the same.

We were such kids doing this I know and maybe unprofessional. But then again, we have tk make work a lil more interesting and playful sometimes just to make our boredom pass by.

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