Everything is BIG in Dallas (day 2 in Dallas)

I know this is 2 weeks past due but I've been having problems with my editing app which is Splice for iPhone. But surprisingly, this one exported in High Quality after deleting tons of pictures and videos on my iPhone. But I'm super happy that I was able to upload it on my YouTube page in HD!!! So exciting! Haha! 

We didn't do much on our second day in Dallas. For one, it's too hot and I understand if everybody just wanted to stay in air conditioned places. With that said, nobody was in sight while driving around. Weird enough in Seattle, when the sun comes out, everybody is out enjoying it for sure. But as we all know Dallas heat is so different with what we have in Seattle. 

 Anyways, here is the vlog of our 2nd day in Dallas. Thanks again to the the people who took care of us down there. From the people who fed us and let us stay at their place and most especially to my Poppa for some great memories! 


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Grilled Cod & Brown Rice with Broccoli & Red Bell Peppers

I don't know how many times I've mentioned that I have no skills in the kitchen but I do what I can.
Lately, I've been doing tons of cooking at home on whatever I find or crave for. I am surprisingly getting into red bell peppers and broccoli a lot. Perfect timing that there was a frozen Black Cod that I can grill and added some brown rice. Nothing fancy but it was good. I just added some seasoning to it and it was ready to grill.

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My First time in Dallas,TX

Finally!!! I got to visit Dallas,TX and I finally get to visit my Poppa Twinky who moved there 2 years ago around this time. I can still remember the day he left Seattle, exactly on his birthday. It was a win win visit coz at the same time it was our girl Beyonce's Mrs. Carter Show (separate vlog).

As expected, Dallas was so hot compared to Seattle but we made the most out of it. Nothing much happened on this vlog besides us being in the aiport and kept saying that hopefully on the next clip we are in Dallas, repetitively. Haha! Got to Dallas, ate some Mexican food and went out for drinks and dancing.

Check it out!

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