The Secret Flowers (part 2)

I never had a chance to update my entry I posted about the flowers I recieved so I thought I'd post a part 2 about it.

I missed my mani/pedi appointment that day coz it really bugged me that I was clueless on who sent those flowers to me. My dad started making fun of me coz I had a blank face and he could probably tell that my brain was just floating just thinking about it. Dad had the same guess as me but he was probably just thinking that coz of recent events.

I went to the movies to see my Hunger games that night. I was semi-arguing by text messaging with a friend about the flowers. He asked me if why is it so significant to know who those roses was from. He also asked why can't I just be happy that someone out there means that much to them. Well duh! Isn't important to know so it doesn't seem like stalker-ish? Haha! Couple of minutes before getting in the movies, I recieved a call from the flower delivery company and I don't even answer "UNKNOWN" numbers but I knew I had to answer that time. The agent gave me the name of the person who ordered it and it instantly warmed my heart. This person means the world to me and I love him so much. I'm sorry but I'm gonna leave him nameless for our bond is so special to me that bragging it to the world is not even essential to this story. We have a great relationship and would not exchange it for anything else.

I love you so much and I mean every word I tell you and about to tell you. I can't wait for what the future have for us and I'm looking forward to every single step of this friendship.

Again, Mahal na Mahal Kita!!! (I Love You Very Much!)

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Streets of New York

It was late night after the bars and I couldn't resist posing in the middle of the streets of New York . It's not the best quality coming from my iPhone but a lil editing here and there then BOOM!


A Very Fat Sunday

It was a disastrous Sunday for me but I am not complaining. This post is just basically about food porn Sunday that I just had yesterday.

I was gonna play volleyball with my kids BabyGurl and MaxieBoo but it wasn't a good turn out so we just decided to head out and have lunch. We ended up eating some Korean food at Kimchi Bistro which is a perfect place for a quick Korean lunch. I haven't been to this place in awhile.

I ended up ordering Beef Bulgogi which is normally my go to meal there and on the picture is BabyGurl's Veggie Tempura and Fried Gyoza. MaxieBoo ordered some soup that we couldn't pronounce its name. LOL! This meal was delish!

BabyGurl dropped me off at home so I can get ready for some Happy Hour with my Gaysha Kane and Hipster. We've scheduled this couple of days ago just to catch up after our New York trip. Our place of choice was Umi Sake House at Belltown. I haven't been here in years!!! The last time was when Hipster and Nakamura was still working there. I still consider this restaurant as one of the best sushi places here in Seattle.

Tarantual Extreme. It's not as Tarantula as I remember anymore coz the Avocado is not wrapped into the whole thing like it used to but it was still as good as I remember. We all shared one since Kane and his sister haven't been here before.

Now THIS is the reason why I got hooked with Green Tea Ice Cream.
This Green Tea Tempura Ice Cream is to die for! Eversince then I am hooked!
It's a must try!!!

When I was on my way home, JFern started texting me and wanted to go to a friends place to chill and have somoe BBQ that was orginally ordered for a picnic time that never happened. I literally coudn't eat anymore and can only handle one bite of it and a bottle of beer to finish my weekend.

Eventhough the BBQ looked divine I really couldn't handle anymore food in my system!

Well that was my fatsopiggy.com kind of Sunday. The sun was blasting all weekend and I'm hoping it continues until summer!
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The Secret Flowers

I was on my way out to get my nails done when my dad stopped me and said I have a package delivery that came in today. I had to think about it coz I know all my online shopping came in already. I checked out the package and it was a flower delivery from FTD.com that came with a nameless card saying...

Dear Chanelle, You are one of the most beautiful I know. Thank you for all that you have done, and will continue to do. Words cannot describe how much you have touched my heart. I love you will all I have. <3<3<3

I opened the box and sure enough it was a dozen of gorgeous red roses with a note with no name. I immediately though of my MaxieBoo who has been really close to my heart lately. I gave him a ring but no answer but he called back right away. I asked him if the dozen of roses came from him but he said no.

Mixed of emotions started running in my head. Should I be bothered or flattered? What did I do to this person that I deserve this surprise from? What did I do to be appreciated like this?

I called the delivery company and was on hold for a bit. A lady answered named Leslie(?) and she said she is more than willing to help. She put me to hold to contact the person who ordered the flowers but unfortunately there was no answer. I left my number and she promised me a call back as soon as she gets an approval from the sender.

I am puzzled with who this would be. I appreciate the gesture of sending me flowers but I just wish I knew who you are.

I guess we all just have to wait.

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Walking into the most random event ever!!!

My friend Sean and I was so bored on a beautiful Saturday in Seattle and decided to walk at the neighborhood. It was finally a spring weather and it couldn't be more perfect of a weekend light.

On our way back, I can see this huge horse from a far at the middle island where people normally walk or run. I've seen this horse and the owner once before but I was alone and didn't have the courage to ask for a photo. This time was different, I knew that Sean was up for it so I asked. The owner was so nice and let me took a photo of him riding the horse and all of a sudden he asked if we wanted to ride "Lil Mama" (the horses name).

I said NO! out of being scared of that huge horse. The 1st and last time I rode a horse was when I was 7yo when we went to Bagiuo (summer capital of the Philippines). Sean immediately said yes and I got jealous (LOL) and didn't wanna miss the opportunity. Of course we wanted pics as well to document the randomness.

We giggled all the way back to the house coz of this random event. A horse in the city? Gotta love Seattle!!!

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That perfect song

 Take my hand
We'll walk a while, we'll talk a while
Feel my love, always there beside you
Be the one
I know you'll tell me everything
You are the one I cherish more than anything

I love you more than you'll ever know
I love you more than you'll ever see
More than my heart could ever show
I love you more than you'll ever know

It's been quite some time that I have been looking for that perfect song to describe how I feel for somebody special. No romantic involvment but just pure love. Love that no words can express.
I haven't listened to this song in so long and probably freshman in college was the last. Last night, I told one of my dearest friend "Mahal na Mahal Kita" (I love you very much in tagalog) and it took him awhile to respond and I knew he was on google translate and replied saying "Ibigin ko ka ng mas maraming kaysa makikita mo ba alam" which totally didn't make sense but I understood what he was trying to say, "I love you more than you'll ever know". Strange how I understood what he was trying to tell me instantly.
That lead me to reminiscing to this song. It was perfect line be line & word by word. It's funny how i struggled for the longest time trying to figure out a song for him and he was the one who helped me figure it out.

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Something different on a Sunday

As far as I remember, my Sunday's has always been consumed by open gym volleyball since I moved here in Seattle but it was a lil different yesterday. We just played our league tournament on Sunday so I'm pretty burnt out fromo playing volleyball so it was a perfect oppurtunity to do something different rather my normal Sunday routine.

Fortunately, we didn't have to think of an alternative activity yesterday. It was our friends son Aleq's birthdya celebration at Acme Bowl. We used to bowl a lot when I was under age but it has been a long time since the last. I have to admit, I was a bit rusty but 111 wasnt bad right?
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