My Rupaul Drag Race Favorites

I love it when they are in town and I love how Jujubee performs.
Couple of weeks ago, Jujubee and now total celeb status fiancee Chris was in Seattle once again to perform at Rplace. Jujubee was also booked to host the Mr. & Miss Gay Seattle that weekend so they had a full weekend here.

It's always nice to see these to and get to chat a lil bit whenever they are in town. Everybody was raving about Chris' proposal while Juju was in Rupaul Drag Race All-Stars. I make it a point to get a pic of them two together everytime they are here. They are such an adorable couple.

Looking forward on seeing you both again soon.

UFC Fighting with Boo

UFC fighting never looked so much fun. LOL!
This is how Boo and I ended up playing around like UFC fighters after volleyball yesterday.
Thanks Earvin for capturing the moment. Haha!
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ps. I ended up tapping out. Imma get him next time!


Beyonce on Super Bowl XLVII Halftime

So excited for this!!! On February 5, the Queen B will be headlining the Pepsi NFL Halftime SuperBowl XLVII. Beyonce released this teaser picture last year on her blog and I'm extra excited that she will be accompanied by Destiny's Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

Desitny's Child announced their reunion couple of weeks ago with a new single "Nuclear" coming out end of the month together with their old "Love Songs" that they have released.
Can't wait for all this to happen soon!!!
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Finding Nemo

I was so excited when I found out that my "eldest son" was gonna be visiting town from SoCal. He moved down there not to long ago to start school and for a change of scenery. As far as I remember, he's  been wanting to move to SoCal and when he found the chance to do so.
I got a call from Nemo last Thursday and was wanting to meet up but I just left work and was at Southcenter mall with my friend Tyra. But we made sure that we would see each other even for a lil bit befor he heads back to SoCal. Sunday was a good oppurtunity. I was in the hill for a baby shower but told him that I would be able to meet up with him after. The gang decided to grab some drinks at Purr after the baby shower and it was perfect timing that they were in the area.
Outside Purr since Nemo is underage
I was glad to see Nemo (center) and finally meet his boy Cole. I have heard great things about him since they got together and sure enough he is just how Nemo described him to me. Nemo and Cole seems really happy and I can't stop but notice the smiles that they give to each other. It was nice to be able to chat and catch up with how things are going with him/them.
Cole, Nemo and I at open gym Monday
I was lucky enough to see them again at open gym. After they stopped by on Sunday open gym, they thought might as well play some volleyball on Monday and have more time hanging out with the Seattle peeps just like the good old days.
I really wish all the best for Nemo. And I hope he finally gets back to school this fall as planned. Plus, he has good potential on making the volleyball team at the junior college that he is planning to go to.
I'll miss you again Nemo! I hope to see you on April when we plan on visiting SoCal.
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Craving Fix: Sinigang (tamarind soup)

Been sick for about a week now and every time I'm sick, I think about Sinigang to help me feel better. Not only this is my favorite Filipino food of all time but its really good whenever you are sick. The tamarind flavor in its soup is perfect to make you feel better.

Last Sunday, I was determined to have some and went straight to the market after volleyball. I didn't have to get much ingredients except for the meat coz we have most of what I need at home. I haven't cooked in years, it's just not my thing but I really wanted to make one this time. Yes, mom guided me but I refused for her to do much cooking.
I must say, it wasn't bad for my first try after a long time. Boo even came over and shared it with me (he is sick too) and I got the thumbs up for it. Yay!

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