Last Choice

Have you ever felt like you were the last choice from something? 

When my anxiety attacks happens, it usually involves somebody I care about. Or at least as of late. I know I am guilty myself from singling somebody out or making them feel like they are the last choice. But damn, it hurts when it happens to yourself, when you are at the other end of the bargain. I know I shouldn't feel this way coz that isn't the case but somebody I can't help feeling like somebody else is better company than you. 

I know I haven't written much from here. But when I do, I know it's coming from a bottled up emotions, which why I mainly started a blog from a long time ago and named it as my diary. this is therapeutic and I hope it helps. I'm not gonna go to any detail, but for future ChaCha, when you read back to this, I hope you were wrong. And I hope that you were just having a moment of feeling as if you were indeed the Last Choice. 

not using  xoxo,