UW #blackoutUSC in a sweep

It was a good week to be a Husky it at least in my case a Husky fan. On Wednesday, the ladies of UW volleyball beat #4 UCLA in 5 sets and the UW Football team beat Stanford. And last night, #5 UW Volleyball sweeps #3 USC Trojans. 

The young team stayed composed as strong. Errors here as there have away points but they definitely came back strong in every rally. Krista Vansant was on fire the whole match and the Dawgs defense was on point and they definitely played a lot better compared to their match vs UCLA. 


Kylin Munoz don't normally serve in rotations with their 6-2 offense line-up but she killed it on the service line finishing the match with 5 aces. Girl has a killer serve. Go Ky!!!

Sorry for the blurry pic but everybody was excited after winning the match. We have the best fans here in Washington. The Dawg Pack definitely pumps up the crowd every time. 

Hopefully the winning streak continues on their away matches. Home court advantage is definitely a huge factor in a match. But as strong as the look right now, I have faith that this girls will bring it!  


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Cherry Veric on Stylebible.ph

I love seeing people I know be successful on what they do. One example of Cherry.
I met Cherry back in college at Far Eastern University in the Philippines and we got pretty close throughout those years. Cherry has always been into art and designing. Often times, you would catch him playing on fabrics and just pinning them and it would look like a fabulous evening gown. Once in awhile, you can catch him doodling on a piece of paper playing on some designs.

When I found out that Cherry would be competiting on the Philippine version of Project Runway, I knew I had to find a way to watch it and Youtube was my solution. Although Cherry didn't win the competition, I knew that he would make it big one day. I almost jumped out of my sit when I saw a feature of him on Stylebible.ph.

I'm so excited for more of Cherry. The dresses that he makes for celebrities and on the runways are just exquisite and the taste is just amazing!

Love you Cherry and I miss you!

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Korean cravings

Had my Korean craving fix (Bibimbap) last night at University District. Thanks to my Boo for a good call and choice of dinner and together with my Love. My Korean craving fix and spending time with two of the most precious people in my heart... my weekend is complete.

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Surprise Boo!!!

It was a special night for a very special person in my life. It was my dear Boo's (MaxieBoo) surprise birthday dinner collectively planned by the lovely ladies of UW Volleyball.

Ky and Jo contacted me couple of days before the surprise telling me that they wanted to plan a scavenger hunt for Boo and end the night with dinner together with our closest friends. Couple of weeks before then, we have secretly been talking about that night and we just wanted to make it a special night.

Boo had no clue and was totally surprised by it all. Here was my lil bit of struggle... Boo and I planned to hang out Thursday and Friday and knowing that the surprise was Friday, I had to figure out how to "get rid" of him so he won't have any clue on what was really gonna happen. I told the girls to let him know right away about their plans on that Friday. So, basically I was just waiting for Boo to cancel on me for our Friday. Sure enough, I got the text and of course I had to give him a lil of a hard time about it. Haha! He was a lil upset that I was upset that he canceled lil did he know I was into something. I think I even used the line "So much for no interreptions" and that probably got him. Sorry Boo!

So we hangout Thursday night with couple of Red Box rentals and drinks til the next day came that the both of us was just tired. We took a nap and next thing you know it was 4:30 pm. I was like "when does he leave? I have to get ready" in the back of my head. LOL!

I tried to take a picture of Boo as he removes his blindfold at the restaurant but obviously he was too happy and surprised that all I got was a blurry picture. LOL!

So much fun that night surprising my Boo. I hope I don't have to pay for it soon since I gave you a hard time while planning it.

Mahal na Mahal Kita!!!

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