Road Trip to San Francisco

What happens when a group of adventurous Filipinos decide to do something spontaneous? With my friends and I we ended up in San Francisco.

Originally, the drive was just upto Portland, OR where there is a volleyball tournament happening on the same weekend but because of the lack of interest weeks before we decided to just go somewhere else since we are already off for the weekend. The decision making was pretty easy but not as smooth. All we had to figure out is who among us are in for the fun, the car plus gas money and a place to stay.

Everything fell into the right place and all we had to do is leave. Haha! I was so excited for I was missing my friends from the bay already after their visit in Seattle weeks before.

Had a blast like always with a lil rough patches here and there but all in all I would do it all over again. Maybe in another city or something but the memories we made that weekend was definitely worth the 12 hour drive.

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Chinito koh!

I feel like I always start my post like this but seriously though, it has been forever since I've posted something. Summer has been so crazy and I barely even have time for anything else besides what was pinned for that day. I don't even remember having a weekend for myself but I am not complaining. A busy summer means a fun summer right? Anyways, I just wanted to share this song (for all who those will understand it). I have been super close to a friend and we both loved this song. I would translate everything here but it might just complicate it more. Haha! The point of the matter is that this is just my feel good song at the moment and I couldn't stop listening to it.
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Camping @ Daroga State Park

With our busy schedules not connecting, it was hard for us to set a date for our camping trip this year. We wasn't able to go last summer coz of this conflict but we made sure that we would do at least one this summer. Like usual, our friend Eye was assigned with looking for a campsite for us since she knows more about it and probably has more patience amongst everybody.

We didn't do much while we were there. We just wanted to relax and have a good time. We wanted to rent a boat at Lake Chelan but the winds got a lil crazy and they stopped rentals for the day. We got to visit Leavenworth as well but that vlog is in the process of editing.

Anyways, here's our camping adventure for summer 2013. I had a blast and I hope we can at least put 2 camping trips next year! Enjoy!

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Huge thanks to Mark Tyler for the music


Mrs. Carter Show in Dallas,TX Vlog

Here is the final blog from our Dallas trip to see Beyonce's Mrs. Carter Show Tour.

I know it took forever (like always) for me to post it. But with all the editing and gathering of things to edit, I had the struggle putting this together. I finally was able to clean up my phone a little bit so I have more room for exporting. And I also tried to transfer the exported file to my computer and uploaded it from my pc. Phew!

Anyways, hope y'all enjoy this vlog. This one is really special to me since I was able to have the Beyonce experience together with Boo. 


Everything is BIG in Dallas (day 2 in Dallas)

I know this is 2 weeks past due but I've been having problems with my editing app which is Splice for iPhone. But surprisingly, this one exported in High Quality after deleting tons of pictures and videos on my iPhone. But I'm super happy that I was able to upload it on my YouTube page in HD!!! So exciting! Haha! 

We didn't do much on our second day in Dallas. For one, it's too hot and I understand if everybody just wanted to stay in air conditioned places. With that said, nobody was in sight while driving around. Weird enough in Seattle, when the sun comes out, everybody is out enjoying it for sure. But as we all know Dallas heat is so different with what we have in Seattle. 

 Anyways, here is the vlog of our 2nd day in Dallas. Thanks again to the the people who took care of us down there. From the people who fed us and let us stay at their place and most especially to my Poppa for some great memories! 


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Grilled Cod & Brown Rice with Broccoli & Red Bell Peppers

I don't know how many times I've mentioned that I have no skills in the kitchen but I do what I can.
Lately, I've been doing tons of cooking at home on whatever I find or crave for. I am surprisingly getting into red bell peppers and broccoli a lot. Perfect timing that there was a frozen Black Cod that I can grill and added some brown rice. Nothing fancy but it was good. I just added some seasoning to it and it was ready to grill.

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My First time in Dallas,TX

Finally!!! I got to visit Dallas,TX and I finally get to visit my Poppa Twinky who moved there 2 years ago around this time. I can still remember the day he left Seattle, exactly on his birthday. It was a win win visit coz at the same time it was our girl Beyonce's Mrs. Carter Show (separate vlog).

As expected, Dallas was so hot compared to Seattle but we made the most out of it. Nothing much happened on this vlog besides us being in the aiport and kept saying that hopefully on the next clip we are in Dallas, repetitively. Haha! Got to Dallas, ate some Mexican food and went out for drinks and dancing.

Check it out!

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Road Trip to Priest Lake,ID part 1

Boo and I got invited by my friends parents to visit their resort in Priest Lake, Idaho. 
Of course, who are we to say no to that? I mini get away and relaxation sounded really good
coz the next few weeks will be so busy for Gay Pride in Seattle and as we leave for Dallas the weekend after.

I filmed a lil but here and there but mostly its just the sights on our 5 hour drive Idaho from Seattle. Also as we arrived, drinks just started pouring so again, who are we to say no? Haha!

Enjoy! And I apoligize for my poor editing skills.


Greenlake Sunday

Since I attended Vlogger Fair, I wasactually pushed a lil bit more on trying vlogging.
So yesterday, I decided to turn my phone camera on (actually my friends phone since mine is full already).
I was looking for music to come with it too and I thought my find was pretty nice by Slakah the Beatchild.

Some of you might think that my style of vlogging is very newbie and yes I agree. I have no clue how to edit and just use my phone to do it with the Splice app from iTunes. My inspiration of style is Fun for Louis but of course I can never top his filming and editing skills. 

Well there goes my stab on trying to vlog! Hope you enjoy!
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Vlogger Fair Seattle

Finally! I'm able to write this entry.
To be honest, I was still fan girling a day or two after the event. I never thought I would be able to attend a YouTube event since i'ts not really popular to have one here in Seattle.

On June 8 and 9, the first ever Vlogger Fair was held in Seattle Terminal 5.
I was hesitant to go in the beginning coz 1. I am not a YouTuber (eventhough I've been wanting to but a huge fan off tons of YouTubers) and 2. I am not a Vlogger and consider myself more of a blogger. I immediately thought of my friend Jerome who has a YouTube Channel called ohitsROME. He is the perfect person to go with not only because this is his chance to network and vlog around vloggers like him. And I'm glad that he said yes coz we had so much fun!!!

Here is Jerome and I at the red carpet. Nothing too fancy, just staff asking for our cameras and camera phones and they will take a picture of us instead of us taking a selfie. Haha! Those coffees on our hand were free and who doesn't want free stuff? 

Let's get into who met on the first day of Vlogger Fair...

One of the main reasons why I wanted to attend this event is because of Joey Graceffa. I've been following him in forever and he is such a funny guy with tons of personality. He was recently in the Amazing Race but unfortunately didn't win but by far my favorite amongst the other competitors.
Joey was definitely one of the favorites that day. As soon as he came in the warehouse, he had tons of fans following him going to the VIP booth but not too long he came out from the curtains and everybody started screaming for him. 
Security had to send him to another location by the stage where he can sign stuff and take pictures. He was probably there for 3 hours and entertained every single fan in the line including Jerome and I. After his Q&A he continued signing and taking pictures with everyone again. 

Check out this vlog filmed by Jerome:

I also met Catrific arriving with Joey that day and she also had quite of a following. I spotted her on a perfect timing on her own so I didn't have to wait in a line or anything. She was such a sweetheart and immediately said yes when I asked for a picture. 

And then there's itsjudytime/itsjudyslife. Jerome and I are both fans of Judy. Not only she is local, but  I've met her cousins Kate who is one of the Sistersof604.I was supposed to meet her a year ago when I was invited for lunch but didn't make it :( (You'll see why on her vlog). Jerome and I was outside when they arrived. To my surprise, as we approached them, Judy was like "OMG! ChaCha?!?" and lil dorky me replied "OMG! Judy!!!" I told her that I was surprised that she remembers me even if we haven't really met but she only saw a picture of me from her cousin Kate. Judy is super nice and she is just like her in her vlogs.  I'm hoping to see her again on another event.
I couldn't stop myself but apprach Benji who was carrying #juliannabear on the side while Judy was signing and taking pictures. Judy was a super mom though, she would excuse herself from the fans and do mommy juties almost at the same time. Jovelle who is Judy's bestfriendwas there too. She just started vlogging couple of weeks ago and her vlogs are super entertaining and she is super funny. Looking forward for her future vlogs for sure!
Check out Judy's vlog...

Another perfect timing when Jerome and I was outside and Landon Austin and Luke Conard arrived. They were pretty much in the groove or mood yet coz they just literally gotthere when I asked for a pic. Haha! But I was able to talk to them again inside and they are super nice! Love these guys music and I was pretty bummed that I wasn't able to go to their concert the next day.

This is Louis. He is best known for his crazy appetite for weird stuff on his channel FoodForLouis but I found out about him on his vlog channel FunForLouis. This guy is so free spirited and easy to love. He enjoys his life so much and it's so contagious whenever I watch his vlogs. When I found out that he will be at Vlogger Fair I was for sure wanting to attend more! And the picutre above just totally made me happy. I spotted him from a far coz he is so tall and you won't miss his dreadlocks. You can even see his smile from a distance. I got to chat for a second with him and asked how was his recent travel from the east side of Canada. I've watched his Vlogger fair episodes and I'm glad to hear that he likes Seattle :).

Now this is the master of it all, Chris Pirillo. He is the genius behind Vlogger Fair. 
I can tell that he was getting overwhelmed with all that's going on but the guy is so nice.
I'm really hoping that he keeps Vlogger Fair in Seattle so I can attend each year. And from the attendance over the weekend, it looks like it will just keep getting bigger and bigger. Great Job Chris!!!

Thanks again Jerome for going with me at Vlogger Fair. I had a blast all day!
It's funny how we said that finally we can talk about YouTube with somebody without getting the weird vibe. HaHa! I know you have been pushing me to start vlogging and slowly I might just get there. 
Btw, Congratulations with your 2,000 subbies!!!

Can't wait for Vlogger Fair 2014!!!
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BH Cosmetics Haul

I've been wanting to pick up some stuff from BH Cosmetics for the longest time just to try out their products but at the same time, I haven't done any online make-up shoping in awhile. Haha!

Found a perfect timing when they were having a huge sale on some of their products which is pretty normal in their site. A sale of cheaper make-up already? YES PLEASE!!!
I knew I wanted new Eye Shadow Palettes and my attention was immediately drawn to the BH Party Girl. I needed some new brushes as well and the 12pcs Brush set came in a package which was a sweet deal. Blending Brushes is a must have for me and bought 3. I needed a new brush holder for my travels as well and the 29 Smoky Palette came in as a bonus for $8 since I already reached the $25 purchase. Also, I went and googled for some coupons for some extra deal and found a 10% off after $50 purchase. So it's deal after deal after deal. Heck yah!!!

When I saw my checkout cart, my total savings was $39.77. Amazing right?
One reason why I'd rather buy cheaper make-up versus department store high end stuff coz $50 can be just two items in your cart versus all these things that I've hauled. Just a lil primer on those eye shadows and the pop of color is already highly pigmented.

Thanks BH Cosmetics from a happy customer! I'm definitely coming back for more.

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Pasta Madness

Let me just throw it out there right away and put a disclaimer for everyone...
But when I do feel like cooking, pasta is my go to dishes. I thought how hard is it to throw in some
noodles to boiling water til it softens and throw in some "made up" sauce and done! Haha!

So lately I've been craving tons of pasta. And since I've been actively picking up produce weekly, I know what's in our refrigerator on top of my head that I can throw into my "made up pasta".

Here, I threw in some Fettuccine noodles and grilled chicken.
I sauteed chopped garlic, tomatoes and red bell pepper in an olive oil.
Mixed it in with tons of parmesan cheese, parsley & basil flakes, salt and pepper.

And last night I made some Fettucinne Alfredo and Italian Chicken Sausage,
tons of Parmesan Cheese and to add some kick of spice, I added some
Pepper Flakes.

When I told my brother that I'm gonna make myself some pasta, he asked for me to add some more for the household which I was not confident about. My tastebuds are way different from my parents and brother and I was afraid that they wouldn't like it because it was too salty. But let's be honest here, I was just too damn scared that they won't like it or make fun of what I come up with . To my surprise, my brother really liked it who I think is my huge food critic at home since he is really good with cooking from learning just couple of years ago. I got the approval from my as well and she even said that I'm the Pasta specialist of the house. LOL!!! I was hesitant to ask my dad how it tasted coz of 2 things, he will not like it and make fun of it and I'll be pissed off coz he knows how not to appreciate and not scared to say it. But BAM! He said it was "OK" (trust me OK is better than nothing or insult when it comes to my dad, so I'll take it!). He then asked why? I said "I made it!". And then he said "I thought it was picked up or delivered".
WHAAAAT?!? Well, I'll take that as a compliment. LOL!!!

Well there goes my pasta adventure from the past week. I'm gonna look for actual recipes next time and actually follow it instead of me experementing. Of course I'd still throw in a lil but of my cooking style here and there but I just want to see if I have a future with these pasta thing. LOL!


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Life according to Tumblr/Instagram - April

I've been so busy last month and early this month that I haven't even posted anything here. 
But April is pretty much about my trip with my friends and Boo (our first trip together - flying) to LA, which I clearly has been procrastinating writing a blogpost about. I've been posting more on my Tumblr lately which is easier sometimes coz it's connected with my Instagram (private account, sorry! But you can see most post on my Tumblr) and is basically my photo diary - less details or stories when I post here like I normally would post. My obsession with quotes continues and growing since it's such an "IN" thing to do on social mdeia sites (I even made couple of it my own).

I hope I get into writing my post about our LA trip. That was such a much needed get away and would love to share those memories here as well.

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Justin Timberlake - Mirrors (Boyce Avenue feat. Fifth Harmony cover)

Totally loving this collaboration by Boyce Avenue and Fifth Harmony by Justin Timberlake's Mirrors.

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Juicing Adventure

I've been wanting to try this juicing thing for awhile now and finally got a kick start with my brother. We went to a local produce store that is not too far from our house and got tons of ingredients for $25. Not bad for tons of stuff. We went safe and stocked with what our taste buds are familiar with except for Kale. 

I should say it's not that bad at all. Everything blends well together. I was expecting the worst and I'm actually liking it. I'm hoping that I keep up with this am it becomes a habit instead of a chore.

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Sheona Traylor - the Thirsty Thursday virgin

It was a visit long way due. My really good friend who we call Sheona Traylor came to visit us in the Pacific Northwest. She flew in at Portland then drove to Seattle as soon as she landed. She actually tried to surprise me with this visit but somehow I found out about the surprise a week before she told me. And in return, I surprised her by playing on the same team as her in the USAV Puget Sound Region tournament.

Sheona made sure that we hit up Thirsty Thursday and of course I'm up for it. Little did she know, she is in for a surprise. She barely drinks and the Pacific Northwest is notorious for this hence "Thirsty Thursdays." Shots after cocktails and repeat! That was the theme of the night and I could tell that Sheona can barely keep up. What I am proud of was that she neever said no to any of it and just sucked it up and chugged them drinks!

Before anything went down, I made sure we take a picture together coz I could tell that the night could easily get blurry with the drinks just kept coming.

Went to the backstage after the show and played on some hurr!

(L-R) La Saveona Hunt, Sheona Traylor Hunt and Alessandra Hunt.

Had a blast catching up with my sister Sheona! I'm really sad that I won't be able to make it to your SFO Tournament this year... you know... PRIORITIES! LOL!

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USAV Puget Sound Regional

I wasn't planning on playing this tournament but since it was the last one for our region then might as well. My friend Sheona Traylor flew in from San Francisco to play with our team which she tried to surprise me with but I ended up surprising her when she found out that day that I was in the same team she was playing in.

The gym was literally in the middle of nowhere down in Puyallup. This was my view on top of the morning when we had to officiate the first match.

And of course, I managed to hurt myself in the last tournament. I was going for a swing in the outside when I slipped on my first step and rolled my ankle pretty bad. My first thought was "Shit! We only have 6 and if I dropped, the whole team might be dropped for the tournament." I tried to get a feel of it and it was painful. We had an automatic medical timeout so I had time to walk it off. The team then decided to switch me to setting so its less jumping for me. We pulled off a 4-2 pool play standing and was seeded 3rd coming in to the tournament play.

We had great runs and matches all day but by the finals match we were all tired from non stop playing and ended up finishing 2nd place. I should say though that it wasn't bad and I'm not bitter about it. We had a great season winning 2 tournaments. And the priceless memories and fun that we had on this tournament was something to treasure for a lifetime.

(L-R) RochelleRochelle(?), Penetra, Idaho, Sheona, ChaCha and Nicki Minaj

Looking foward for future tournaments with you guys again. This is the volleyball that I know, competitive but fun is always priority... well maybe those occasional injuries. LOL!

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Margarita Sunday

Thought we would mix it up with some Margarita this past weekend and M. Ray's place instead of our normal Vodka mixes. And of course we were watching movies as well. Loved the Margaritas, not until the next day occurrence if you know what I mean. LOL!

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A long due visit

This visit has been long way due from my BabyBoi. He lives on the eastern side of Washington and we barely see each other. He's been busy with Student teaching and getting tons of things done with school before he graduates. Both of us finally had the same schedule available for him to visit. 

What's the agenda? I asked. And of course he responds immediately "BARS!!!"

Boo offered his place for us to prefunk before hitting the bars.

Naturally, we would be by the kitchen busy with our drinks with tons of catching up to do.

I discovered this weekend that this guy likes to make funny faces when getting his picture taken. Hence, he is my best snapchatter I thought it was so adorable.

This is not something new to me. I remember when he turned 21 and we hit up the same bar at Capitol Hill, he did the same poses and occurrence. He just can't get enough of this pole. LOL!

I couldn't resist but to take this picture and it couldn't be more perfect than this! Haha!

Some of the girls that came out with us that night joined the pole party.

Of course, I was sporting my new favorite lippies, MAC Rebel.

Of course! Gotta tip them go go dancers in style!

Posing for another pic!
I love this guy!

On our way to late night after hours sushi at Genki. 
Gotta do the cliche pose with this guy.
I think it was Jimmy Hendricks.

Here are more pics of pics from prefunkin at Boo's place. 
The pics above was a mix of Thursday and Friday. Possibly Saturday too.

We don't know what exactly are we doing on this pic but we all thought it was adorable.

Molly (Poppa Twinky's lil sister) came out with us. 

Got to hang out with JR as well after awhile. We barely see each other now.

I had a blast this past weekend and I'm really glad I got to spend time with BabyBoi. He has so much dreams to reach and he is getting there lil by lil. I can't wait for him to graduate and move to Seattle and hopefully get to and spend more time together.

I love you BabyBoi!!!

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Life according to Tumblr/Instagram - March

I can't believe how fast the days go by and I'm already posting a 
Life according to Tumblr/Instagram for March. 
I finally got my cracked iPhone fixed, took some #selfies pics, my obsession with
bright lipstick, reblogging emotional quotes, throwback thursday, Beyonce as always,
and food food food.
Funny how I can see what my common routine is just by blogging. And speaking
of blogging, my current obsession are these UK YouTubers. They are so Cheeky!!!

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Spring in Seattle

How do you know when it's officially Spring season in Seattle? 
Two words... Cherry Blossoms.
It's everywhere!!!!
I wish we have it in our backyard but then again it's everywhere in our neighbourhood and I'm absolutely loving it!

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Outdoors season begins

It was a gorgeous Sunday in Seattle and everybody took advantage and enjoyed it. We decided to go to the park and play some outdoors volleyball. I know its just Spring but if this is a preview of summer then there's gonna be a lot of outdoorsy stuff in the our future.

Can't wait for more sunny and nice weather here in Seattle!

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Lil things that makes me happy

I love flowers, I just do.
But what makes it more special is when I recieve flowers from people who is really close to my heart and I truly care about. I'm not gonna lie, when it comes to surprises, Boo knows how to get me. He texted me and asked if he can come over and arrived with this Stargazer Lily. He always gets it right. As we both say it, its that weird connection. I've loved stargazers since I've first seen it. I remember putting it on my ear when I used to join pageants when swimsuit competition is up. Haha! But the smell of it is just amazing, my living room smells so good whenever I get home.

Anyways, small gestures like this makes me so happy and warms my heart. Lil things that makes us happy as they say but the true meaning of it will always be treasured inside my heart.

Mahal na Mahal kita!!!

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  • I had a pretty boring days off. I was feeling sick that started Wednesday night and had a 2 days rest Friday and Saturday.
  • I struggled sleeping last night and kept coughing prolly in a good 45 minutes.
  • it's Monday, so you know how we all feel about that ;)


USAV Puget Sound Region

Just wanted to make a quick post of this pics taken from the two separate USAV tournaments we played at. Our team name is DTF (figure it out), such a bunch of fun people to play with with no drama
 (well not until later from other people. LOL!).

(L-R) Dylan, Chris, ChaCha, Rick, Cody, Gabe, Ronald and Nack (Bottom)

(L-R) Brian, Fred, Nack, Dylan, ChaCha, Jaquan, Cedric

We won Gold on A/BB Division on both tournaments and we are super happy with that.It's nice to just get in the court and enjoy what all enjoy doing together. Team Chemistry is a must and eventhough we all don't play together as a team, we found that chemistry and built it up progressively. 

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Current Knick-Knacks...
  • I think I'm getting sick. Went to bed last night with a lil sinus and headache. Ugh!
  • I'm not sure if I should be excited for league tonight since my knee is not in a good condition and I haven't played in like 3 weeks.
  • I can't wait for the weekend. I don't know why
  • I stepped up and training somebody new at work since she is not learning anything from the previous one. Lol!


Sunday cooking

Three friends, same hangover from Saturday night and hungry...
That's who we are last night. Sean, Tyra and I was debating last night if we should order Italian delivery or cook. The thing is we were to tired and hang over from Saturday night that we didn;t even do anything all day but lay down and sleep. We got left overs from the party for lunch but didn't wanna eat the same thing for dinner. 

We found the motivation to get up at 8pm finally and went to the store to get ingredients for our Olive Garden Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe I found online. But of course, being the big gurls that we are, we also got Tomato Basil Bisque which is my favorite ever and added some Garlic bread which seals the deal. I had a bottle of Merlot at home that went perfectly with the whole meal. 

Not gonna lie, Sean did most of the cooking while I was burried with all the dishes that needed to be done and Tyra prepared the soup and garlic bread. Everything turned out to be great and surprisingly we barely even ate. The Alfredo was barely touched, the same way with the soup and bread. Everything was heavinly filling. I'm looking forward for eating left overs tonight though... All on my own!!!

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Current knick-knacks:
  • I had a super fun spontaneous weekend with my friends like usual.
  • What made it extra amazing is I had a 3 nights and 3 days with Boo. It's been a long time since we spent a long weekend together. It made me realize more how much I miss him.
  • Went to a friends party and it amazes me how guys testosterone really comes out when they are intoxicated. People never learn how to put their alcohol in their tummy and not their heads.
  • I'm totally addicted with some Youtuber's and I love how they all get together and see videos and pictures online. They are all in Florida for Playlist live. Can't wait for more internet findings.
  • It's Monday and I can't even express how happy my heart is from the weekend! Mahal Kita!


MAC Rebel

Speaking of bold lips from my recent post...
I went to the MAC store this weekend and brought me some empty MAC pots and do my "Back to MAC" contribution. It's been awhile since I've done this since I can't find the pots that I have kept for so long but I think I lost it when we moved to the house. 
Anyways, I have been eyeing this lipstick since I saw it on some beauty guru's on YouTube. A lot of the guru's went crazy over this color and used it either daytime or nightime. I thought I'd venture on it as well and see where it leads me. So far I'm loving it and used it over the weekend when my friends and I (finally) decided to go out to the bars.

And here is the look I came up with. I know it's a lil matchy matchy with the Rebel lipstick and Purple and Pink Eyeshadow. Just playing around with my favorite colors. I don't normally wear lashes either, thanks to my parents who gifted me with long thick lashes... just add mascara. 

Trying out something new with make-up is a good thing. You discover looks that works and doesn't work for you. Make-up should be fun and that's what I normally go for!

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