The day after the first snow night

I had to wake up extra early the day after our first snow night in Seattle. I had to make extra time for travel. I normally leave home just about 5-10 minutes before my shift begins.

I don't know how many times I've said it but I love the snow. The aftermath? Not so much. The roads are ugly even if it's white snow on the side. It's a lil rough walking most especially walking up the hill of Mount Seneca as we call it (theres Mount Spring and Mount Madison as well where my friends climb everyday for work downtown). It was 18 degrees that morning almost the whole day and DAMN I was freezing.

Anyways, here's some pics I took that morning ...

Mount Seneca

The parking lot looked like a skating rink

I would not dare driving up or down that hill by work which I normally take when I drive to work.

Right outside the Emergency room where I work. The sun was blasting but it was still freezing although out the day.

I took some pictures as well on my way home and my fun snow walk home was fun.

I walk at Mount Spring when I walk home. I remember taking almost the same picture 2 years ago when it last snow in Seattle. This is not as pretty and white but it's close.

I can't believe how much people still decide to drive even after a crazy snow. I'll post a video on another post coming from the news on how crazy it was to drive the night before. Cars and buses sliding down the hills was pretty crazy. Cars hitting each other like it's a bumper car ride in an amusement park.

I enjoyed my walk home more than my walk to work just coz I saw more of what the snow the previous night brought. I stopped quite a few times trying to snap pictures.

My 30 minutes walk wasn't that bad, thanks to my trusted boots that my friend Eiryl bought me 2 years ago. I know it's old but I still love it and I still get compliments when I wear them.

Since I'm getting used to walking to work now maybe I'd keep doing it more rather than driving to work everyday. I know, I know, I should have been walking or taking the bus to work anyways coz i live really close but oh well.

Now should I be wishing for more snow days or not? Haha!

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First Snow Night

Well it looks like the snow gave us a huge opening night. I took a nap after work and the snow was just getting a lil crazy. My drive home was somewhat rough most especially my car is not snow ready. But I'm glad I made it home safe.

I took some pics around 3pm on my walk to my car then from my window in my apartment and took a nap til I woke up around 630 and it's definitely a huge change...

my walk to my car from work @ 310pm

heres my car Georgie after 8 hours of snow

taken from our open parking lot

snow at International Distric Transit Center @ 4pm

view of Seahawks stadium from my window

thats my car upfront 2nd car from the left @ 630pm

parking lot @ 1030.
notice the difference with the snow on my
car (still upfront 2nd car on d left

parking lot @ 1030pm

this is how i spent my night watching the snow
4 glass of em! haha!

Here's a video of my walk from work to my car @ 3pm ...

It looks like its gonna be like this for awhile. With the snow sticking the whole day and night, im not looking forward for my walk to work @ 6am tomorrow. I heard that people are stranded on the freeway either on the bus or their own vehicles. I hope everyone is safe!

I'll be documenting my walk tomorrow (cant wait how pretty would it be, all white everywhere hopefully and hopefully i wont be late. haha!!!

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Fun in the snow

My cowoker Michele (Mo) and is having too much fun with the snow and decided to get artsy. haha!

Let's see how my walk will be with my thin fleece and flats in. Haha.


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Yay for Snow

Ok so maybe later on I would hate it because of driving situation, too much cold weather and stuff like that but then I am loving the snow. It initially started yesterday but today is more legit.

I woke up not knowing that it's snowing and i went out my apartment and almost fell on my ass which woke me up. Haha. I got to work an was checking my Facebook or a bit and everybody is posting about snow snow snow.

I don't normally drink hot drinks in the morning but today is different. I ordered a hot coco in the cafeteria at work and enjoyed it outside while my coworker Michele and I were goofing around with out boater signs.

I like this weather as ling as it doesn't stuck ad get icey. I hope it stays this way.

Stay safe out there y'all!

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(GGW) Glee Gone Wild

Nope it's not my friend Grimace's version of Grimace Gone Wild of Body shots in Vegas for 2 years in a row but it is the cast of GLee who is going Glee Gone Wild!!!

I went a lil crazy when my friend Ace emailed this picture of Harry in the November cover of Yellow Magazine All I said was "Damn he is HOT!"

And then ...

Brandon who I call LeuxLeux (he is a Lululemon addict LOL) emailed this to me saying he is "et-way" after seeing this picture of Matthew Morrison aka Mr. Shuester and I totally agreed!

And finally, I remember watching some gossip news shows and seeing this pictures on several blog sites saying it's definitely Glee Gone Wild.

Diana, Cory and Lea on the covers of GQ!

Lea being risqué.

And Lea open for business. Haha. Jk.

Now, I wanna see more of the guys of Glee doing the same photo shoot all in one cover. That would be super hot! Haha!

I just love Glee! That's all!

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Not only I had a hard time grabbing a login sheet for my patients, it also gave me a stupid paper cut. Ouch!

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Need I say more?

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Tanning at work

My co-workers and I was bored at work so we decided to go tanning by the window.

So goegeous out. Is it 3pm yet?

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Tips Welcomed

There's this new thing in our ER due to security reasons. We've noticed a huge amount of visitors coming in an out without notifying any admins or nurses on who are they visiting.

So they made an extra lock thing at the door where "luckily" the switch is on the desk where I'm normally stationed. Great!

At first I was happy with that u can control this visitors and not to mention the medics that just walks in and not give us any info about the patients their bringing. But it hasn't been more than 2 months and I'm over this switch already that I just wanna throw it away. Even some employees won't get their own access to the door usig their badge from the security department and those visitors that are in out the rooms every 2 minutes.

Maybe I should start asking for TIPS. At least that mug will be full of alcohol money right?

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Is my Construction Boy cheating on me?

My coworker Michele and I was hangin outside work and she found my construction boy all of a sudden. Hmmm. I wonder what he is Upto.

See her post ...
life as a mama: Cha Cha I found your boy: "Cha I found your boy walking the streets. Time to find out what he's up to. Sometimes I see him with children walking luckily today he was ..."

Eye make up of the day

Does anybody remember the amazing Tammy Faye? The last time I've seen her on TV was in VH1 Surreal Life. Remember how much mascara she puts on her lashes?

That's the direction I went to with my lashes today together with a Brooke Shields eyebrows.

Loves it. Haha

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Hair of the day

I normally set my hair just down and not too much styling when I'm at work but thanks to my co worker Erica for hooking me up with my hair of the day. She started playing with my hair which she normally does in the morning but today was different coz she started braiding it!

I love it!

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