New Moon New Trailer

I just cant wait for the showing of the newest Twilight series. Every trailer that comes out just keeps getting better n better.

Its so funny, coz i was really never into Twilight. I never read the books, didnt go gaga for the movie when it came out. But when I saw it on my cousins place in Canada when I visited, I got hooked!!! I didnt even blink I think when I was watching the movie. Hehe!


Channing Tatum as Chan Crawford

Rumors has surfaced about Channing Tatum used to be a stripper in Florida. And of course, I had to see it.Usmagazine released the video, which shows Channing, now 29, performing under the name "Chan Crawford" in a Florida nightclub. According to Us, Channing lip-synched the act and earned $50 a night (plus tips).

We loves us some Channing!!! Or should i say Chan Crawford?


SYTYCD Fave: Tyce choreo with Ade and Melissa

This is from tonight's "So You Think You Can Dance" featuring Tyce DiOrio's courageous choreography, drawing attention to the turmoil of a woman struggling with breast cancer, and its affects on her partner.

It was so moving!!! It reminded me when Lacey and Neil danced a Mia Michaels choreography about the reunion of a father with the daughter. This choreography by Tyce simply touched my heart.

Brilliantly and sensitively performed by Melissa and Ade, they didn't dance the choreography but told us a story.

Thanks for sharing ur talents to us!

Name this Washboard Stomach!!!

Saw this on TMZ! And I can't believe she just had a baby!

Name this Washboard Stomach!!!

Prank Gone Wrong ... VERY WRONG!

I stumbled on this Prank Gone Wrong video years ago and just re-visited tonight. And all I can say its just VERY WRONG!!!

Lesson learned for you Pranksters!


Chics does Britney

Have been meaning to share this. My Chics giving us some Britney performance at Chucks Bday celebration! Chics even had chair action with T-bu.

He did Britney proud!!!!


Vancouver Hot Mess on the journey to World Out Games 2009

The World OutGames came so fast. I remember talks of some teams that are going but never really saw any updates of confirmation. But it was seen on Patrick Nugyen s status update earlier saying "Patrick Nguyen
is starting to get really excited about Copenhagen and Paris in a couple of days!!

ChaCha had a lil chat with Patrick through Facebook Mail and had the access of the their roster, and of course the very ferosh team name...


Patrick Nguyen (setter)
Kevin Wong (setter)
Andy Lee (power)
Fred Lee (power)
Jason Fung (middle)
Dave Full (middle)

WE LIKES!!! Goodluck Vancouver Hot Mess. Bring home some medal. Have a safe trip and have a drink or two for your Seattle sisters!!!

not using xoxo,


Chris Brown Apologizes

via youtube bryanzgurl94

So I watched this clip on YouTube and seen it on every Gossip Shows. But somewhere I cannot pull out anything from my heart to believe that he meant his apology. You cannot blame me if I doubt him, but growing up with three sisters, I certainly believe that what he did to Rihanna is unacceptable.

More power to Chris Brown and hopefully somebody you will be forgiven.

Blaxican shows of her "Tan"lines

via Crackberry Paparazzi

Best known to Volleyball Seattleite "Blaxican" was spotted @ Cal Anderson Park today
showing of his tan lines. Its not even the end of summer yet and she is already
proving that he is the one and only "Blaxican".

Very Ferosh Igmar!

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parAce accused of being a Home Wrecker via Phone call

"Just got a call from your wife and she called me a homewrecker...i wonder which one."

Those are the words that was recently spotted from the heirAces status update. Why? According to the heirAce, she just received a call from an unblocked number who is accusing her of being a "HO-Wrecker".

The lady who called was furious and was asking her very suspecting questions. The said lady was accusing her of hooking up with an "Alex" guy who was supposedly married to her. She even asked if the heirAce is a "girl" or a GIRL. What did the heirAce say? Im a girl and my name is Leila. LOLs. And when asked if she was filipino, the hairAce replied, "I'm Cambodian".

Goodluck heirAce!!! Better start watching your back or else somebody might just CUUUUT YOU!

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SYTYCD Travis is Back!!!

Do you remember Travis from SYTYCD from Season 2? He is back! I was browsing on my facebook when I saw a couple of my friends status updates talking about this amazing choreography. It made me run to my room to check it out.

Lil did I know it was the new partners Jeanine and Jason. It was AMAZING!!! It reminded me of how I LOVED Lacey and Neils Mia Michaels performance. It was powerful and has a huge impact!



da WHO?

U might have read his Status Update just recently or probably have done it with him. Who knows?

da WHO? is this VolleyBUZZ Seattleite who has nothing to do everyday but sit on his computer all day and just watch "PRON" as he calls it...

I wonder how many does he have on his collection. I wonder how many subscriptions does he have on his credit cards with website such as seancody.com , brokestraightboys.com, and such. OR ... does he just go for the free "pron" sites ...

U be the JUDGE!!!!

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Volleyball Seattleite Jaquita - YOUR FIRED!

Exclusive story from your one and only Jaquita regarding the allegations of getting fired from his job @ in a Seattle Bathhouse.

We LOVES it! ChaCha is not sure what is it like at Jaquitas work place. All I know is that its a bathhouse but i don't really know what going on in there! ;-)

According to Jaquita she was fired due to some posting that he made in Craigslist, ALLEGEDLY!!! The Craigslist Personals posting had his picture in it which looked like it was copied on his facebook page. The posting said something like ... "Working at (name of bathhouse) and really bored, looking to give some extra services" RIGHT!!!

da SCOOP Jaquita has suspects of who did this posting but yet to do some action about it. He said that its hard to be one of the prettiest people in town because people tend to get jealous. HAHAHA!

da WHO? is this jealous person who did the posting in Craigslist? Is it another Volleyball Seattlelite or somebody from his workplace? U BE THE JUDGE!

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