Ginger Halloween

Our good friend Judi came for a visit to party with us over Halloween weekend since he left for Pharmacy school to the east side of Washington. HoneyLove, Judi and I would hang out a lot on Thirsty Thursdays, volleyball and other kind of events.
Trying on our Ginger wigs at the store
Pre-funking at home
Of course I had to take a "self-portrait" on our way to the party

with the birthday boy GBC
We've been wanting to dress up for Halloween together in forever but it just never happens and this year was our chance. We ended up going to Value Village to venture on some costumes but hours later, there is no luck. Together with the Halloween celebrations, our friends GBC (Ginger Bear Cub) is celebrating his birthday at the place that we were going too. So we had a bright idea of dressing as "Gingers" for the night in dedication of our friend GBC.
We had a blast that night and it was so good to get to hang out with Judi once again.
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