Streets of New York part deux

After posing by myself in the middle of the Streets of New York, my Love Kane joined in to add on some extra spice to it. You can call it Streets of New York part deux. Both of us are hoping for a New York part two trip someday. See the city more, party and just pure relaxation.

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Ryan Lochte on E! Fashion Police

Well hello there Mr. Lochte!!!

Ryan Lochte was on E! Fashion Police and pretty much shared his naked side to Joan Rivers and the rest of its crew saying that there's a lot of shaving all over his body except for his head. He also said that this was his personal preference.


Check out the rest of his goods here.


i LOVE this guy!!!

The more I get to know you, the more I LOVE YOU!!!



Seeing pictures of the flooding and calamity that's going on in my hometown breaks my heart. I can still remember experiencing it when I was in freshman in college many moons ago. Traveling early morning to school and finding out that half of Manila is already under water and walking in the flood trying to get back home was not a pretty experience either.

So please  help out all you can by using the emergency hotline posted above and tons of prayers for my hometown. And if you are interested on making any donations, please go to Philippine Red Cross.

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