BH Cosmetics Haul

I've been wanting to pick up some stuff from BH Cosmetics for the longest time just to try out their products but at the same time, I haven't done any online make-up shoping in awhile. Haha!

Found a perfect timing when they were having a huge sale on some of their products which is pretty normal in their site. A sale of cheaper make-up already? YES PLEASE!!!
I knew I wanted new Eye Shadow Palettes and my attention was immediately drawn to the BH Party Girl. I needed some new brushes as well and the 12pcs Brush set came in a package which was a sweet deal. Blending Brushes is a must have for me and bought 3. I needed a new brush holder for my travels as well and the 29 Smoky Palette came in as a bonus for $8 since I already reached the $25 purchase. Also, I went and googled for some coupons for some extra deal and found a 10% off after $50 purchase. So it's deal after deal after deal. Heck yah!!!

When I saw my checkout cart, my total savings was $39.77. Amazing right?
One reason why I'd rather buy cheaper make-up versus department store high end stuff coz $50 can be just two items in your cart versus all these things that I've hauled. Just a lil primer on those eye shadows and the pop of color is already highly pigmented.

Thanks BH Cosmetics from a happy customer! I'm definitely coming back for more.

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Pasta Madness

Let me just throw it out there right away and put a disclaimer for everyone...
But when I do feel like cooking, pasta is my go to dishes. I thought how hard is it to throw in some
noodles to boiling water til it softens and throw in some "made up" sauce and done! Haha!

So lately I've been craving tons of pasta. And since I've been actively picking up produce weekly, I know what's in our refrigerator on top of my head that I can throw into my "made up pasta".

Here, I threw in some Fettuccine noodles and grilled chicken.
I sauteed chopped garlic, tomatoes and red bell pepper in an olive oil.
Mixed it in with tons of parmesan cheese, parsley & basil flakes, salt and pepper.

And last night I made some Fettucinne Alfredo and Italian Chicken Sausage,
tons of Parmesan Cheese and to add some kick of spice, I added some
Pepper Flakes.

When I told my brother that I'm gonna make myself some pasta, he asked for me to add some more for the household which I was not confident about. My tastebuds are way different from my parents and brother and I was afraid that they wouldn't like it because it was too salty. But let's be honest here, I was just too damn scared that they won't like it or make fun of what I come up with . To my surprise, my brother really liked it who I think is my huge food critic at home since he is really good with cooking from learning just couple of years ago. I got the approval from my as well and she even said that I'm the Pasta specialist of the house. LOL!!! I was hesitant to ask my dad how it tasted coz of 2 things, he will not like it and make fun of it and I'll be pissed off coz he knows how not to appreciate and not scared to say it. But BAM! He said it was "OK" (trust me OK is better than nothing or insult when it comes to my dad, so I'll take it!). He then asked why? I said "I made it!". And then he said "I thought it was picked up or delivered".
WHAAAAT?!? Well, I'll take that as a compliment. LOL!!!

Well there goes my pasta adventure from the past week. I'm gonna look for actual recipes next time and actually follow it instead of me experementing. Of course I'd still throw in a lil but of my cooking style here and there but I just want to see if I have a future with these pasta thing. LOL!


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Life according to Tumblr/Instagram - April

I've been so busy last month and early this month that I haven't even posted anything here. 
But April is pretty much about my trip with my friends and Boo (our first trip together - flying) to LA, which I clearly has been procrastinating writing a blogpost about. I've been posting more on my Tumblr lately which is easier sometimes coz it's connected with my Instagram (private account, sorry! But you can see most post on my Tumblr) and is basically my photo diary - less details or stories when I post here like I normally would post. My obsession with quotes continues and growing since it's such an "IN" thing to do on social mdeia sites (I even made couple of it my own).

I hope I get into writing my post about our LA trip. That was such a much needed get away and would love to share those memories here as well.

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Justin Timberlake - Mirrors (Boyce Avenue feat. Fifth Harmony cover)

Totally loving this collaboration by Boyce Avenue and Fifth Harmony by Justin Timberlake's Mirrors.

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Juicing Adventure

I've been wanting to try this juicing thing for awhile now and finally got a kick start with my brother. We went to a local produce store that is not too far from our house and got tons of ingredients for $25. Not bad for tons of stuff. We went safe and stocked with what our taste buds are familiar with except for Kale. 

I should say it's not that bad at all. Everything blends well together. I was expecting the worst and I'm actually liking it. I'm hoping that I keep up with this am it becomes a habit instead of a chore.

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