Date night with MaxieBoo

This entry is a week late but that's just because old age is kickin' in.

One of my "sons" texted couple of weeks ago and invited me to go to a volleyball match between UW Huskies and WA State. Since I haven't seen any of the matches I immediately sai yes to MaxieBoo. I've been out of town everytime the Huskies are playing home and I'm quite disappointed with my attendance.

Couple of things we wanted to do at date night... Pre-funk, see the match, MOTHER & SON BONDING and a couple of hidden agendas.
MaxieBoo's smile was too precious. You can just see the joy that he is having. When I showed him the pic after taking it, he said "I'm so happy and it shows in the pic."
Huskies won 3-0 vs Cougars!

I was so glad we got to spend time together that night. We are getting closer day by day and I'm glad I was able to help him with some of the stuff that he is going through. Whenever I need somebody to talk to or he sees me looking troubled, he is always there for me.
Our motto for our date night was WINNING!!!
We scored 3-0 that night and its up to you guys to figure out what that means!

Love You MaxieBoo!
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#CravingFix - Pho

Been craving Pho for a week now and finally had a chance to get one. Fixes my bad Monday at work as well.

Serving Tacoma Realness!!!

It's been years since the last time I went out in Tacoma,WA. If I'm not mistaken, I was probably 19 or 20 years old the last time I went clubbing there (remember when Destiny's, an under age after hours club?).
But this past weekend, the gang head down south and visit/celebrate a good friends birthday.
We started the night in an Irish Pub called O'Malleys which we end up calling O'Nellies just to gay up the place a lil bit since its all Military men and girls there. The place was bright with pool tables and other games. We didn't spend much time there but we definitely downed couple of drinks. I even got Jae and I free shots for her birthday!!! (trick is you let the bartender know that it's somebody's birthday. some bartenders automatically give out free shots... try it!)
I wasn't able to take pics but thanks to my friends and their new iPhone4s, they were able to capture some of the moments. (i'll add more pics when Jae figures out uploading her pics since I heard she broke her camera that night)
Me, Jae and Odessa tearing up the dance floor with our Bye Gurl signs!
SO MUCH FUN dancing with these two.
Us girls again and Conrad joining the fun
We then found this parking lot down the hill from Silverstone and lil 'ol drunk us decided to do some pictorial sesh. The graffiti walls was pretty so we could pass the oppurtunity.

Serving Tacoma Realness!!!
This was a fierce dragon graffiti. Loved it!

Happy Birthday Jae! Had so much fun celebrating your birthday in Tacoma!
There goes my 1 Tacoma visit a year. Haha!

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I remember when Grandma used to do all my sisters n cousins braids. So while I was getting ready today, I took advantage of opportunity to ask my grandma to do mine before heading to #volleyball.

Love my Grandma!!!


#CravingFix - Flan

Ever since I got back from my recent California trip I've been craving sweets, Flan to be specific. I blame it to my friend Junarta who is very well known to eating all kinds of sweets and desserts.

I had a chance to stop by and get one on Friday after getting my hair done. The salon that I usually go to has a Filipino restaurant at the same complex. So whenever I'm there, I stop by for some desserts and pastries.

Two days later on Sunday, I decided to play some open gym volleyball and the gang decided to eat after. Place of choice? Kawali Grill at Columbia City. At first I was just gonna get my craving fix but for lured into getting some Arroz Caldo (Congee) before hand. I thought everybody was full after all the food we ate but my friend Vka asked me to order some flan.

O M G !
Best Flan ever!!! They finished it with some Caramel and Chocolate syrup around it that gives the flan extra extra flavor. I can say I'm done with my cravings for now but I'm pretty sure this won't take that long for me to get me another round of it.

Damn you Junarta!!!

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CPR Certification

My Supervisor sent me a late text message last night informing me about a CPR class that he signed me in last minute. I've been trying to dodge it for the longest time but because I have so much requirements to finish coz my birthday just passed he saw a long list of what I haven't done.

I came in to the class not knowing that there would be a roomful of people taking it. I thought it was just a small group but I was wrong.

There was a lot of information but the goal was to be more hands on so we gain more muscle memory to it and when needed be able to perform.

I named my dummy Sam BUT he is Samantha at night. Lol! We had close to good make out sesh!

After working on the adult Sam they pulled out an infant dummy and I was right, even when she was younger she was already confused werqing some pink and blue ensemble. Haha.

Well I am proud to say that I am a Certified CPR cardholder for the next 2 years. I hope I won't be using this skills that I just learned sometime soon but hen I do, I'm praying I'd be able to help somebody and their family in the future.

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Adele on Glee (Rumour Has It/Someone Like You)

This video came out probably a week ago but wasn't really able to see it. The episode just literally got done and I was just shocked with it's outcome. I just wish they show the part when Santana saw Fin whispering something to Rachel and she thought Fin was telling Rachel that she was a lesbian and slapped him.

Such a powerful ending of the episode!

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Vancouver Birthday 2011

It's been ages since I celebrated my birthday in Vancouver, BC. For almost 5 years since I moved here in Seattle, I've been celebrating my birthday in Vancouver because their NAGVA tournament always falls on the same weekend as my birthday weekend. For the past 2 years, I wasn't able to celebrate it there coz my passport expired and finally got it renewed February this year when I was down in San Francisco (I know it's stupid coz the Philippine Consulate is located there and whever they come to Seattle it's jam packed)
So VGVA didn't do their normal 2 days tournament this year but hosted a one day tournament benefiting Movember. I sent an invite to most of my closest friends about the tournament and about celebrating my birthday again up there. A lot responsed and I was immediately excited.
It was so good to see everybody together again, our Pacific Northwest family. It's been forever since I've been around these people who are really close to my heart and I couldn't ask for a good come back to Vancouver.
I wasn't able to take as much pictures from my iPhone but a friend of mine took a lot from his camera but that will be in another entry.

My loving friend Lee and I went home early Friday and ended doing our usual girl talk. We barely see each other now coz we are both busy but when we do see each other, we make sure that we give each other time to really catch up. This time was different though, we were not in a corner of the gym talking like the usual. We were at his place and did it slumber party style over toooooons of food.

Here are 2 samples...
Lee makes one of the best Adobo (Filipino Teriyaki... maybe) I've ever had. He initially told me that he as domestic anymore so he won't be making his famous adobo but surprise! surprise! Thats the first thing I smelled as soon as I get in his apartment.
He then asked me if I wanted some ice cream since we have more to catch up on. Mind you, we had Chips and Salsa before the Adobo too. This vanilla chocolate with cornflakes was so good! That I've been wanting to get me some since I got back to Seattle. haha!
Lee had peanuts after this but I could't handle it anymore that I felt like i was about to explode from eating all this good. haha!
The next day we played our one day tournament and our team was called "Allergic to Ugly". Lee makes up the most interesting team names ever. Our first team name was Combo #1 pertaining to ordering in a Asian Restaurant. Haha! We ended up at 4th place which suck coz we thought we already got 3rd (again!) but we ended up playing the other team who was in the losers bracket.
Anyways, that night, our friend Cliff hosted a pre-funk party before we go out and celebrate my birthday. It's been forever since I've been to his place that I forgot how AMAZING the view from his 30th floor apartment is. I only have 2 pictures again but there will be more from my other entry.
The view from the balcony was breath taking over looking downtown Vancouver,BC.
A park across the street from his place.
At the pre-funk party, this 2 were like lovebirds that you can't separate. They looked so cute that it makes me smile.
After the crazy night, I refused to go home without eating some Fritz Poutines. Eversince I started going to Vancouver, it is a must that I go there and have a bowl of it. haha! IT"S SO GOOD!
I shared a large bowl of Poutine with my son Maxie and after we finished ours, he murdered our friend KK's bowl and passed out. LOL! 
On Sunday, all I think of was family day. Apparently, the volleyball gang signed me up on league but I really wanted to see my cousins. It's been 2 years since I've seen them and it will just complete my birthday weekend.
We were supposed to go to Dimsum but it was packed that I told them that I will just meet them after the volleyball gang did dimsum. We all agreed to meet up for sushi which is closeby anyways.
My, Ate Grace and Gino. We were so irritated with the manager. Since I've already had lunch all I wanted was a Green Tea Ice Cream but he said that if 1 is doing all you can eat then the whole table to should be doing the same thing. He agreed to let me and Maxie order desert but said that we are not allowed to touch everybody's food. HOW RUDE! I don't recommend Kingsway Sushi at all! Rude employees everywhere!!!
Here's is the rest of the gang outside the sushi place.
My, Ate Jemma, Ate Grace, Glenda, Me and Gino. The lil girl is Ate Jems 1st daughter Ali who barely remembers me since I've only see her ones! Oh! And thanks Ate Jem for watching our match the previous day!
Here is Ate Jems 2nd baby Sophia. She is super cute!

I had so much fun in Vancouver that I want to go back again soon. It is like home away from home just like Portland and the Bar Area for me. Next stop, San Francisco and Sacramento!