The Laundry room and the Patient

I hate doing laundry period. First is not having my own machine inside my apartment, secondly is that our apartment laundry room only has 5 washers and 6 dryers which by the way only 3 of them dries pretty nicely. Yes, FMML! Fuck my Laundry Life! Lmao.

Anyway, I went to our laundry room today for my first round of laundry in preparation for my trip to Portland this Thursday for the NAGVA Championships Yes people, I take forever to pack, get everything sorted out and decide which one makes it to my luggage. So what I do is that I do a general laundry mission. Haha.

When the elevator doors opened, I immediately removed one of my headsets just to hear if there's people in the laundry room. I can hear the washers and dryers running and in the back of my mind, I was like "shit! Here comes a long night of laundry work". I stepped in the room and here comes one of my neighbors that lives around the corner from me. Again, talking in my head and said "Damn it!"

She is this Filipina lady on her 50's. She wears this vintage style glasses that just fits her short curly hair and her mumu dress.

I was about to sit away from her not knowing that she was just right behind me and tells me that one of the washers is open. She says it as if she owns the room and was about to ask me for rental money for using one of her washers. I thanked her for letting me know. That wasn't the first time that happened, ive done my laundry before with her using all the machines all at ones.

Why did I title this "The Laundry room and the Patient"? She happens to go to the hospital that I work at. She often comes in everyday for her clinic appointments. Most of the time, she uses our emergency room entrance to get in the hospital and since I work there and she saw a familiar face, she tries to get my attention to ask questions and at the same time she asks me to get her checked in to her appointment.

One time, I checked her in for her appointment but it was showing that she was running behind. U asked her if the doctors office knows and she replied, "yes!" I guess it was my fault not checking with the doctors office but fact that she lied to me and it got me in trouble pissed me off.

Eversince that happened, i made it clear to her that she should check in for her appointments where the rest of the patients should check in but deep inside I still feel bad not helping her coz she is a patient and it's part of my job.

Did i just get even with her with these? Would she feel the same way if I need to use her so called laundry room?

Shallow I know.

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My Just Out Magazine Cover vs Lindsey Bergs Volleyball USA Cover

I found the cover of Volleyball Magazine featuring Lindsey Berg and my sillyness kicked in once again.

My second Mom, Momma Lei

This past Mothers Day, I managed to spend time with somebody who I think is an amazing, nurturing and pure hearted lady who I consider as my second mom and of course I made sure I can spend the same time with my real mom but that story will come later.

I met Momma Lei or as what everybody calls her Auntie Lei when I played down in Portland last year around October. At first I asked myself who was this lady who have such a positive aura surrounding her. She cheers me from a far and I can tell that she was watching me closely. There was even some boys who asked who was that "girl" playing? Uncle Keith and Momma Lei looks back and immediately said, thats my daughter.

When I saw my friend Keoki approach her I knew right there and then that Momma Lei was his mom. I couldn't wait for our match to be done so that I can immediately meet her. And as soon as I get that opportunity, I went right ahead and walked where she was. She gave me a hug so tight and I can tell how sincere that hug was. And that was the beginning.

Anyways, after spending half of mothers day down in Portland, Momma Lei sent an email to everyone who was there. No words can explain on how I feel about her message to us. I love how she wrote it. I love the fact that she remembers every single detail of what happened. I love how she would detail every situation about every person. Its sincere ... It's Love.!

Momma Lei wrote...

No words can sincerely express my gratitude for the awesome weekend I experienced! I had a heck of a great time, starting with dinner with Uncle Keith and shopping with Ola on Friday evening; clinic and partying with my vball ohana on Saturday; breakfast with Ola, Eddie and my mini mo'opunas on Sunday; and tapping the day by watching Keoki & Erin play softball. Monday brought nothing but total exhaustion for me while I was at work....was it good for me..heck yeah!

Vball Ohana ~ I expressed to Auntie Dale, how I wished I could or would one day meet your moms and share with them my gratitude for bringing you into a fierce world and being part (a very important part) of my life. Each of you are exceptional and compliment one another with your love for life, passion, a fierce fire of desire of making possibilities a reality! Your thoughtfulness and sincere love overwhelms me to no end...mahalo pili for your Mother's Day evening with me and Uncle. We enjoyed ourselves immensely...but then again we always do and you guys make that possible every time we're with you. We wouldn't have it any other way. Know I'm here for each of you and that I love you ~ eternally.

Hallford-Kalamau Ohana...you make my life complete and you know it! You are my heart and spirit, mahalo pili for allowing me in sharing it with others unconditionally. I love you, today, tomorrow thru time for all eternity. ;-)

I'm hoping one day that my mom and my second mom would meet. It would be a joy fore to see how they would interact and share stories with each other.

Love you Momma Lei!

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Just Out Cover

I know I haven't blogged in like forever. I admit I've been lazy even if there's a lot f things going on.

Couple of days ago, a friend of mine sent me a picture of me from last years NAGVA Championships in Chicago and asked him how did he get access from it. He later in said that I'll be in the cover of a LGBT Magazine down in Oregon Which is this years host state, Portland to be specific.

Later on, the Portland Gay Volleyball Director shared a link on my facebook page. I got curious and viewed it and this is what it showed ...

I didn't believe it at first not until I saw it with my own eyes.

He also added that the shot was so amazing to pass taken by a good friend of mine here in Seattle, Nack or as I call him "Camby".

This is definitely another thing to look forward to for this years NAGVA Chanpionships. The tournament director said that all registered players should be getting a copy of the magazine.

Can't wait to get my own copy.

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