Marko Germar SYTYCD Audition

Just wanted to share this video when we all first fell inlove with Marko!

The Power of UDPP

I recently repurchased the Urban Decay Primer Potion but what I'm excited about is that they got rid of the wand and exchange it with a squeeze tube. 

I'm not gonna lie, when I go out I mostly just pass out when i get home and not even wash my face or wipe of  my make up with wipes. I know its bad! The next day for 2 consecutive Sundays now, I would go to my moms apartment next door for lunch and she would ask me where i'm going. "No where" my usual reply. And she asked why do I have my face done.

That's the power of UDPP! It's one of my favorite eyeshadow primers. It has such an amazing hold and prevents my eye shadow to crease. Just like the picture above, no re-applying, no retouches. That eye shadow was seriously done from the previous night. 


My Dear bJerkness

It was a night of mixed emotion for my friends and I that night but we are glad that he made a decision that will better his career. My dear friend Troy had his going away party Tuesday night at Autobattery Bar where he works and tons of my volleyball friends were there.

I've known Troy probably for 4 years now. I met him through my good friend (and amazing photographer) Nack when they started dating. We've gotten really close through out the years and traveled quite a few for volleyball tournaments. Denver and Chicago was my unforgettable trips with him probably. Tons of volleyball and tons of booze. We actually became Tequilla partners in crime (when i used to drink and love tequilla back then... not that much no more)

With people deciding to move and have moved for the past year, it simply breaks my heart that another one of my closest friends are leaving (i didnt write about the others just coz...). Troy has grew in my heart and will always treasure him as a friend. My grill master (he makes amazing barbecues and kababs. YUM!), my tequilla partner, the person I mess with in volleyball for screwing up and above all a friend that I can laugh with.

I'm gonna miss you bJERKness (what i call him on my volleyball blog, and that's his last name) and as promised we will see each other still and travel together. Love you!

Troy and I in front of Autobattery while Cody decides to photobomb us with his nipple. LOL!

Autobattery has this Table Shuffleboard that all of us enjoyed playing that night. It's the closest I can get with Curling which I've been wanting to play for years. Cody and I won couple of rounds before getting knocked out (winner stays) by 1 point. =(

O M G ! 
Right next door from Autobattery is this amazing hotdog place. You can actually order from Autobattery and enjoy your food at the bar. But I decided to check the place out myself.

I ended up ordering Morning Glory Dog which has Scrammbled eggs, Tillamook Cheddar and topped with Pepper Bacon. Pic above is from google images. I got carried away and ate the hotdog before taking a picture. haha. You can check them out at Po Dogs.

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Sugar Bakery + Cafe

I don't normally do this reviews and stuff but I just want to share this lil cafe by my work place. I've always seen Sugar and just walk by it. I love cupcakes, pastries, cookies, cakes (you get the idea) and all but it's not something that I crave for in a regular basis. Erica, a nurse that I work with got me hooked on going to Sugar.

It started by asking me to walk with her to get her lunch not until she introduced me to Tomato Basil soup. Tomato soup? Eeks!!! That was my first reaction. She finally convinced me to at least give it a try partnered with some good breadsticks (they ran out today... Sad) which she is super obsessed with. She then reminded me how she can't stop eating a BLT sandwich and sure enough Sugar offers it too in a Grilled bread. Yummy!

Now, I'm super obsessed with this combo that comes with a cookie (I ate the snicker doodle on my walk back and never made it on the table. It was so good!lol). Meanwhile, Erica already moved on from Tomato Basil soup to White Bean soup and of course a breadstick. I was so happy that even our cafeteria started serving it. Haha!

If you haven't checked out Sugar Bakery + Cafe, then click on the link to check out what they got to offer. It's up in Madison st. On First Hill.

Did I mention their Red Velvet Cupcakes are so good as well?

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Bench B2O

I was out and about shopping with my parents and lil brother. I was looking around when I saw the Bench B2O Body Spray and I got suuuuper excited.

Before using the Bench Capture, I remember buying the Bench Body Sprays every month in every "flavor" or scent Yes, I've had the Bench Eight which was my favorite and Bench Atlantis as well. Not gonna lie, this totally brings back higschool memories and I got giddy after my first spray. Lol.

I ended up purchasing 2 of these just in case they ran out or something. Haha.


Shirtless: Marko Germar & Tadd Gadduang

Check out this video posted by Marko and Tadd... 

Bromance for dayz!!!

screenshots taken from my iphone


SYTYCD - Marko Germar & Chelsie Hightower - Samba

O M G ! ! !
They SYTYCD Gods answered my prayers.

I've been harassing Marko Germar on Twitter about him being partnered with Chelsie Hightower for a week and even made a blog entry about it. I loved Chelsie when she was on the show and continued loving her when she started Dancing with the Stars. 
On last nights show, Marko was partnered with Chelsie dancing Samba. He did amazing and leveled up with Chelsie who is such a pro. They both looked together and killed the performance and received suck positive comments from the judges saying that he is definitely in top of the boys leader board. 

Watch their amazing performance...


ChaCha Diaries Makeover

Not that it really matters to anyone, but im trying to give my blog a lil make over and at least be mobile friendly. I read blogs a lot on my iphone and i figured why not make my blog more mobile accessible. I'm in the middle of playing around and see what looks soothing to the eye but i'm not that techy to know all the tricks with this. So bare with me... ttyl!


O M G !
I feel so alone. Lol! My other 2 girls here at work are not here. Michele is at a 2 days workshop event and they scheduled Rizza on another area.

The 2 people I'm with right now is fine. It should be interesting working a full shift with both of them. I'm hoping nothing too crazy happens today coz they are both fairly new. But I should be dine right? (I think I just jinxed myself).

It's such a quiet morning and nobody is talking to anybody. Well, except our social worker keeps talking to herself. Lol. But other than that, you can literally hear a pin drop. Not the usual mornings we have that we chitchat ala "the view hot topics". Lol!

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SYTYCD Season 8 with All-stars

We all know that in this weeks episode, the Season 8 contestants will be paired up with an all-star. I've been harassing Marko Germar (@d8marko) on Twitter about his partner and been praying to the SYTYCD Gods that he gets partnered with Chelsie Hightower of Season 4 who was then partnered with Mark Kanemura.

I think it's gonna be a match made in dancing heaven if they get partnered together.

Do you agree?

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Marko & Tadd's Bananas

My blog is starting to look like Marko and Tadd SYTYCD fanpage. Well you can consider that because I'm such a huge fan of both anyways.

Talking about Bromance this two are just match made in dance heaven. The two posted twitpics in their twitter account simultaneously and it made us laugh.

Marko (@d8marko) posted this first and ...

Tadd (@d8tadd) posted this right after.

Both captioned it saying "look at us criss-crossing our bananas;)". This two are funny!


Marko Germar on Facebook and Twitter


Marko posted this not too long ago from his Facebook page and thought I'd share...

hey everyone! please check out and spread the word about my FB and Twitter fan page. These influences votes so please help me increase the number of "likes" and followers. the more the merrier!:) thank you guys!

Click here to follow his Facebook fan page
Click here to follow him on Twitter

Marko & Melanie - Lyrical HipHop by Nappy Tabs

I can't believe I didn't post this coz this is just AMAZING!!!

My favorite couple of this season Marko and Melanie choreographed by my favorite couple Tabitha and Napoleon...


Marko Germar and Tadd Gadduang pic

I can just stare at this picture forever.

Harry Potter - A look back

I haven't seen the final movie of Harry Potter but seeing this makes me more excited. Just have to wait for the theaters not to be over crowded.

Marko & Melanie - Moth Dance (Contemporary)

Yet another great performance by this two. They are definitely my season favorites. Sadly though, they will be split up on next episode and will be dancing with an all star.

Marko is so nice and replied on most of my tweets to him. He is playing the guessing game of which All-star is he paired with. Such a tease!

Cant wait for the next episode

Harper Seven Beckham

I've always been a fan of these couple. 
Since the Victoria Beckham's Spice Girls days and when David Beckham started being in the limelight with soccer/football.

Such proud parents, they couldn't help themselves sharing pictures of each other together with Harper Seven. 
Victoria posted the pic above saying "daddy's little girl" and David posted the pic below saying "i took this picture of my two girls sleeping"

So cute! Super happy for the couple that they finally got blessed with a baby girl.

Super Bass - Nicki Minaj (Cover by @KarminMusic)

Found this video on Harry Shum Jr's Tumblr and instantly fell in love with the cover. I love Nicki Minaj but this gives her music another twist and I think they did a great job. I think I just found my new cover group to follow on YouTube.

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Kobe Bryant in Manila part 2

Just to make it clear, I am still not a big fan of Kobe Bryant, well I was but just not lately.

BUT! I thought it was pretty cool that Kobe chose to wear my Alma Maters (GO FEU) jersey on top of all the participating schools of UAAP (its like NCAA here in the states). You can totally tell all the players were trying to have him wear their school jerseys. This gave some predictions that FEU might just take this seasons championship. haha!

What I dont get on this video was the crowds response. OK! He is freakin Kobe Bryant. But as what my brother (who is a basketball player and a fan) said after watching the video, he didnt even try or even did something amazing. He leveled with the play and didnt try to show off to much but the crowd were going crazy even when he was just warming up.

Enough of the hating... But thank you Kobe for up lifting the filipino spirit and athletes on doing what they love to do.

Here is the video...

Lisa Lois and Nick Schilder- I can't make you love me (Cover)

Saw this video on my friends new blogger page and totally reminded me of how much I love this song. Most of the time when there are new songs, I would normally look for covers online. This totally touched a soft spot in my heart after hearing the song.

♥ Bonnie Raitt!

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thanks Pedro Peters!


Kobe Bryant in Manila 2011

Kobe Bryant is in Manila to play for the benefit of the MVP Sports Foundation to uplift Philippine sports & help develop Filipino athletes. - @iloveruffag
Great! Now Kobe would once again feel like he is the sh*t coz Filipinos adores him and prolly some are obsessed with him. 
Ok ok ... I give him credit for helping the Filipinos uplift and help develop Filipino athletes. This can be good inspiration for the athletes of the Philippines and be focused on the sport they do (and hopefully sticking on what they do). 

Well goodluck Kobe!

Kulula Airlines by Rajo Laurel

This is such a funny read for all the travelers out there.

Flying can be stressful most of the time and if you have a good sense of humor then this is the airline to fly with and I would love to experience such humor on traveling.

Now how I wish that one of my favorite airline Virgin America would mix their very hip visual in their planes then I think my trips to California would be twice as worth it. Haha!


Beyoncé - Live in Glastonbury HD

Just wanna share this video of B Live in Glastonbury before it gets deleted on YouTube.


Maroon 5 - Moves like Jagger Music Video (Updated)

Made a visit to Maroon 5's Facebook page and couldn't miss this. Tons of shirtless pictures of Adam Levine on my favorite song for the summer? HELL YAH!!! I won't say NO to that. 


Meanwhile ... Christina Aguilera is fully covered. Surprised?

Can't wait for the music video to come out!!!

Maroon 5 uploaded this behind the scenes while making their music video. Making me more excited about it!

And finally, the official video of Moves like Jagger...

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photo credits to Maroon 5's Facebook page


A place to call home


So my mom, brother and I have talked about moving to either an apartment or a house (to rent) since we found out that out rent in our downtown apartment that we've been living (2 separate units) are increasing our rent. Nothing to crazy with the total increase for a downtown 1 bedroom apartment but since we are paying for two then we thought why not move to another place. (my dad is here too but he will just go with whatever decision we make. Lol) So we all started searching websites and getting ideas from people and then I saw an ad on Craigslist about this 3 bedroom house in Beacon Hill (Asian Hill as I call it). Funny thing is tat when I used to work in the area, my bud would pass by that house everyday an I would look at it but u have no clue why.

Anyways, I sent the ad to my brother and he emailed the landlord and we immediately got a response and scheduled us to view the house. Days later, we went there and was ready to check it out. But the landlord never showed up and I thought, ok this might be a scam. My brother called the landlord and he totally mixed up his scheduled so he just called the present tenant to give us a tour. When you get in the house, you immediately see a spacious living room an as you walk further down would be the masters bedroom on the left. To the right is a hallway leading to the 2nd room and a restroom and as you turn right again is the kitchen (so basically it's like a letter U motion). In the middle of the U area is a door going downstairs. I immediately fell inlove with the downstairs area that has a family area, another huge kitchen space and counter. A separate restroom, laundry machines (hallelu! I've been wanting my own) and two small rooms which I immediately visualized as my room and make-up/closet studio. The backyard door is there too which serves as a private door downstairs too. I wanted that space right away. Privacy... A must.

The landlord called us couple of days later as we passed our application an gave us a warning that another family is interested and if we really wanted to go thought the process knowing that we can possibly not or whatnot. I got discouraged but then later on the same week we heard from him saying that we got the house...
to be continued...


Tadd Gadduang MAJOR SHOUT OUT to the Filipino Community

MAJOR MAJOR SHOUT OUT to the Philippines coming from Tadd Gadduang!!!

Another early favorite that I have on this season of So You Can Think You Can Dance. Skip to 1:11 mark for Tadd's rehearsal clip/interview!

My favorite performance tonight!

Marko Germar on So You Think You Can Dance

O M G ! ! !
So I started watching this seasons So You Think You Can Dance and fell in love with Marko Germar right away. His story is just amazing living with a bullet in his shoulders (literally) and still doing what he dreams of doing. 

On tonight's episode I was shocked when he shows up on his rehearsal clip wearing a UP Fight Maroons shirts which is the University of the Philippines and i fell in love with him more representing the Filipino Pride. SO CUTE!!!

Here is a video of his performance from tonight's episode...

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photo credit to Rickey.org

My Favorite Cologne

OMG! I finally found it.
I've been using this cologne in forever. It's the HerBench Capture from the Philippines. I've been looking for it in my apartment after finishing another bottle. I know that my mom bought me one months ago when she went back home and couldn't remember where I place it. Sure enough it was in a bag of accessories that she bought it together with it.
I love HerBench Capture because it's not that strong but it's just enough refreshing scent. It's similar to Cool Waters but more subtle and it retails to 328php which is $7.53. Plus, I haven't met anyone here in Seattle who uses the same cologne which is a good thing. Haha!
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Seattle Pride 2011

I loved being able to spend Gay Pride this year in Seattle after celebrating it in San Francisco for 2 consecutive years.

I was able to view the parade (although I came late... As usual) 6 flights up at the Andra Hotel where my friend Anthony Reyes a suite for his birthday. Very timely, right?
I'll gather more pictures later on from friends pic collection of the weekend but just wanted to start it off with this picture I took from my iPhone. Love love love this shot. I'll update this entry the more I get more pictures of the best captured moments and pics of mwah later.

...I totally forgot that this flag was stolen later in the night. Please read http://www.sgn.org/sgnnews39_26/page3.cfm for details. And whoever did it, please have the heart to return it.