Adele on Vogue

W O W ! ! !
Not only she stole the Grammy's this year with 6 wins and a phenomenal performance after having throat surgery not too long ago, Adele is in the cover of Vogue Magazine and girl looks AMAZING!!!

I love Adele so much and follow most of her updates not to mention I can listen to her songs all day everyday. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Vogue cover for the March issue

This is such a sexy shot!
She lost so much weight since she started with her Chasing Pavement days.
She looks like a Goddess in this shot. Loves it!

 Loving the leather and Lace combination.
WERQ! Serving face for dayz!

The lip color is to die for!

 These two are my favorite shots.
Winged eye liner and false lashes and just face.

not using xoxo,

photo credits: Vogue Magazine

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