Mother's Day Flowers

 I am nowhere close on having my own kids but I am a mother to some of the most amazing friends ever!
The day before Mother's Day, I had a stroll at Pike's Place Market with BabyGurl and MaxieBoo and to my surprise those two got me some of the most beautiful flowers.

My heart was jumping in joy. The feeling of being loved and appreciated was just overwhelming.
I love those two so much!

This was from BabyGurl.
I think she got me the same bouquet that she got for her mom and I thought that
was so sweet!

This didn't come until the actual Mother's Day. MaxieBoo left this in our doorstep and my Aunt from Canada saw. My mom brought it to me including a letter that made me teary eyed. He knows the soft spot of my heart and he understands me more than anybody else.
not using xoxo,

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