Craving Fix: Cambodian Food

I've never had Cambodian food before and finally got to try some. My friend who I call Camby invited us to join him after playing open gym volleyball yesterday and I'm all up for it.

I didn't know what to expect but the only thing he told me is that it's mostly the same with Asian dishes. I was gonna play it safe get a grill sampler where all types of meat are just grilled... Same thing with a Hawaiian platter but ventured out a lol and order this "Loc Lac" which is a tender beef marinated steak cubes with garlic, cracked blacked peppers, and house spices pan sautéed with whisky to medium well, accompanied with lettuce, tomatoes and sweet onions and a side of lemon-black pepper vinaigrette. Phew!(got that from their menu site)

I posted an Instagram picture on my Facebook page and people immediately knew where I was. I guess I just never ventured my way there but it's a pretty popular place called Phnom Penh Noodle House in International District, Chinatown here in Seattle. It's a must try!!!

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