Road Trip to San Francisco part 2

I have posted this vlog several weeks ago but I wasn't able to post it here on my blog to share. The rest of out weekend in the bay was quite nice. Nothing majorly scheduled but just playing it by ear. I didn't care much about the sight seeing stuff coz we all know that I've been at the bay for so many times. But at the same time I was with a couple of first timers.

 The first part of the vlog is where I left off from the first part of the roadtrip. And then we went on our day and I finally got to see the new Bay Bridge, had a great lunch at my favorite spot Tselogs that serves some of my favorite filipino dishes and then was at the Golden Gate Bridge look out for quite some time because we all got separated. 

It is not too much content but I just wanted to show how happy I get whenever I am around these bunch of people whom I will get to see again next week. Yes, i'll be at the bay again and hopefully I would be able to vlog again. I need to get on it for the start of my year and hopefully will have a good track through outt the year.
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