Volleyball Seattleite Jaquita - YOUR FIRED!

Exclusive story from your one and only Jaquita regarding the allegations of getting fired from his job @ in a Seattle Bathhouse.

We LOVES it! ChaCha is not sure what is it like at Jaquitas work place. All I know is that its a bathhouse but i don't really know what going on in there! ;-)

According to Jaquita she was fired due to some posting that he made in Craigslist, ALLEGEDLY!!! The Craigslist Personals posting had his picture in it which looked like it was copied on his facebook page. The posting said something like ... "Working at (name of bathhouse) and really bored, looking to give some extra services" RIGHT!!!

da SCOOP Jaquita has suspects of who did this posting but yet to do some action about it. He said that its hard to be one of the prettiest people in town because people tend to get jealous. HAHAHA!

da WHO? is this jealous person who did the posting in Craigslist? Is it another Volleyball Seattlelite or somebody from his workplace? U BE THE JUDGE!

not using xoxo,


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