parAce accused of being a Home Wrecker via Phone call

"Just got a call from your wife and she called me a homewrecker...i wonder which one."

Those are the words that was recently spotted from the heirAces status update. Why? According to the heirAce, she just received a call from an unblocked number who is accusing her of being a "HO-Wrecker".

The lady who called was furious and was asking her very suspecting questions. The said lady was accusing her of hooking up with an "Alex" guy who was supposedly married to her. She even asked if the heirAce is a "girl" or a GIRL. What did the heirAce say? Im a girl and my name is Leila. LOLs. And when asked if she was filipino, the hairAce replied, "I'm Cambodian".

Goodluck heirAce!!! Better start watching your back or else somebody might just CUUUUT YOU!

not using xoxo,


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