Insta-Son Nemo

Twinky and I was on our way to Portland last week for the NAGVA Last Chance Tournament and on our way we had to pick up Cody, out 17yo kiddo who lives in d boonies! Like seriously, it felt like I was Bella driving my butchy truck in d movie Twilight. Haha.

My weekend with this two boys was amazing. Twinky has always been my kiddo BF butthen it looks like we had our insta-son that weekend. Lmao!

Yes, he is only 17 and Twinky n I felt very responsible of him cause ofthe fact that we are the one who picked him up from his house. But since that weekend, Twinky and I became his Momma n Poppa and we named him our lol Nemo. Aww!

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