Letters to Juliet

Yes it's a chick flick which Poppa and I LOVE.

The story was about an American girl who went to Italy with her fiancé for a pre honeymoon trip which ended up just with her looking what the city has to offer. On her adventure, she finds this place where women rights letters to Juliet and posts it in a wall called Verona yard. Then she met the Secretaries of Juliet who responds to the letters to these women to give them hope and advice.

On the day that she helped on collecting the letters, she stumbled on a hidden letter behind the brick wall which was written 50 years ago. Then she decided to respond back. The one and only letter she responded to and that's where her adventure started.

She met Charlie who barked at her for responding to her grandmothers letter. You would say that Sophie has always been a hopeless romantic. She responded to the letter from her heart and totally embraced being a Juliet. She then met Claire, the lady who wrote a letter to Juliet 50 years ago who never got a response. Upon meeting her, she wanted to help Claire finding his Lorenzo, the guy that she was supposed to marry ages ago.

What if you had a second chance to find true love?

That was the movie tag line. The movie can be as cheesy as it can be but then I thought about it and agreed to it's plot. People might say that you only find one true love. It will hunt you if you let it go and it will come back to you if it is written on your destiny.

After meeting a lot of Lorenzo's, Claire, Charlie and Sophie finally found the real one. The one that she can stare in the eye and would know it was him even from within. Along the way, Charlie and Sophie started liking each other. With the absence of Sophies fiancé she found love. Somebody that understood her even in the harshest way. Somebody who who listened to her deepest thoughts. The ending became cheesy with Sophie leaving the fiancé when they went back to America. Sophie went to Claire and Lorenzo's wedding and of course, hoping it was never to late for her and Charlie. They ended up with Sophie standing in the balcony and Charlie just proposing his love to her. (Romeo and Juliet much? Haha!)

Is there ever a chance to to find one true love the second time around? Is there ever a chance for people to find their happiness even if it's 50 years later. The movie simply tells us that if you think you found your one true love, never let it go. Don't let it walk away from you and questions yourself for the rest of your life.

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