API Legends Photoshoot

photo taken by Nack
dressing room shot
Couple of weeks ago, I got an email from the Asian Pacific Islander (API) Council asking if I can participate in a photoshoot together with the fiercest legends of API. I immediately checked out my schedule which worked out just fine.

I haven't seen this girls in the same room in couple of years since I haven't been really active with he LGBT pageant scene. I used to attend ton of functions but later on I concentrated more on volleyball.

I'm glad I was able to do this. It was so much fun to he with the girls again. A lil bit of reminiscing and laughs. Tons of make up, wigs, dresses and fabulousness and we are good to go to be on set.

Here are some backstage pass pictures. I won't be able to post pics from the set yet, at least not until the official ad comes out. And I'll for sure make another post when it cones out. I'm so excited!
last second steaming before
i get on set
Teriyaki Temple
Shaka Kwan
Regine King
Jada Lumpia
Gaysha Starr
(she was cleaning some spill and was screaming Filipino words sounding like a mom. lol)
Diva Break
with Kalika Manila
with my Numero Uno Cambodian Nack
(thanks for taking some of the backstage pass pics)
with Jada Lumpia
with Marissa and Kalika Manila
with Tanya Rachine
Here's a teaser of the inspiration of the while set and feel of the photoshoot.

We did two concepts copying from the covers of Vogue Magazine.

Both concepts was FIERCE. But I think everybody's favorite was the black outfit concept including my personal choice.

Thanks to JJcariaso.com who took the photos together with his classmates who helped out with the shoot.

Special thanks to Gaysha Starr for letting me borrow some dresses and even took time on dropping it off at my place. And to the whole API Council for putting this together and allowing me to be a part of the API Legends.

And thanks to the ladies that participated. Y'all are FIERCE and brought the GLAM on set!

Can't wait for the coronation night!

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