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This weekend was a lil bit depressing for me. First of, I am not really feeling good since Thursday and was hoping that it will just pass. At the same time, my mom informed me that afternoon when I get home from work that they won't be in town this weekend and she is going to Canada with my brother to visit relatives. I think my Aunt planned a trip to Kelowna for everybody or something. My dad on the other hand is going to spend the weekend with my Grandma to giver her comfort after losing her partner for so many years just this past week.

I must say it's probably karma for me. I'm the one who is always out of town and would just leave them most of the weekend. I have my own apartment but my parents live across the hall from me. Literally not even 3 steps away from my doorsteps. This might sound selfish but I was really looking forward just to be home this weekend and mostly spend time with mom (but she was gone). She works two jobs and the only time we get to see each other is when I get home from work and would say hi in time for her to leave for her 2nd job.

Whenever I don't feel good I would just cuddle up to their bed and she would be right there. We would normally both just take a long nap all day and I don't know how to explain it but that comforts me and makes me feel good. We would actually do that a lit in the winter time and my dad would take a picture of us just sleeping in their bed curled up in a warm blanket looking like each others replica.

I'll repeat myself by saying I'm being selfish coz I needed her here this weekend. I might have had couple of things to do and go to this weekend but in the daytime I really wanted her to be there. I was fixing myself food and eating by myself which was pretty pathetic. I hate eating on an empty dining table. Maybe if she fixed me a bowl of soup that would cure this stupid coughing and allergies.

But then again, I can't be selfish. I've told my mom a hundred of times that this is her moment to see a lot of places and make time for herself. She has been working so hard since we moved here and she deserves it. But one thing is for sure, I'll make sure to get her to make me my bowl of soup coz I know that's will make me feel better.

Miss yah this weekend Mom! Hope u had a blast.

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