Cuddletime with Showtime

Another usual Friday thing that I do is go to my parents apartment across the hall from me (literally 3 steps away from my apartment door) LoL!

She'll prepare lunch, my dad would go home for his lunch break coz he works 3 blocks away (how convenient?).

My dad would rush back to work after eating while mom and I would cuddle on their bed watching a Filipino show called Showtime. Mom and I always cuddle ever since I was a kid. I asked my mom today to confirm and she said that I'm the only one amongst 5 siblings that would always jump in their room when I can't sleep at night. My dad always tries to kick me out coz he is barely home and probably wants alone time with mom. Haha. His job requires to be out of town ad be in job sites as an Architect.

I see myself still cuddling with my mom til I grow older. Im a mama's girl forever.

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