Karma is a Zzz ...

My dad was tossing and turning on his nap yesterday and heard him complaining about my moms coughing. Mom got sick after she got back from the Philippines and was diagnosed with some throat infection.

Fast forward to dinner time... I usually got done fast with dinner and goes to their room and heard my dad telling my mom about her loud coughing. My mom replied and I can tell immediately that got irritated right away saying "I'm sorry but I'm sick and can't do anything about it".

Fast forward to today after work... I took my usual nap after work and then went to my parents apartment and all I can smell is boiled Ginger. I checked on some pans on the stove and sure enough somebody boiled some Ginger as a "natural tea". I knew my dad made it. He is into those natural medicinal stuff. I even remember him making one of his "natural" stuff for dog bites when my childhood friend got it really good way back who knows when. This is out of onions and salt or whatnot and was placed to the dog bite.

Anyways, I went to their room and who do I hear barking? My dad!!! Talking about Karma right? My brother, mom and I was talking about it over dinner and was kinda laughing about it for yapping on my mom on how he couldn't sleep coz of her coughing.

Be careful now coz my dad is having a "karma is such a zzz" moment.

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