League Champs part 1

I play Seattle Volleyball Club league on and off seasons and for Nakamura (6) asked me if i'd wanna play for Winter league. I said yes coz i thought it would be fun and im playing with friends.
We had a good season. There are nights theres only 5 of us playing even if we had 7 (sis Nessa didnt make it to finals coz of work). Fortunately, we only had one off night and only won 1 game but still get to keep our number 1 seeding.
It was a short finals day for us coz there's only 3 teams on our division but have been playing with lower division all season. Its unfair for some of them to play us in finals though i think they really can. We won our first match versus Sweet Spot who we been up and down with all season and then after that win we basically just waiting for finals. Yay us! Sweet Spot had to play Vigilante who they have defeated on their first match.
Championship match was pretty close and had good rallies and Sweet Spot definitely made us werq! But we got it together and won the Gold medal! Yay us again!
Great Job Alpha Kenny Body! Till the next season we decide to play! haha!

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