Murder on a chair (part 1)

I've always been scared/hesitant on getting my hair done. As far as I remember I barely went to a salon coz I've always been particular with my hairstyle. I want it a certain way that any hairstylist can ever get.
When I was younger, my mom would always take my younger brother and I in the same salon in Anonas (Philippines). The hairdresser was a tall built gay guy who always makes jokes with me. I don't know if it's because he liked me or he knew I was a Mary.
Little Rascals was such a big movie back then that he decided to play with my hair and gave me the same haircut as Alfalfa, bowl cut my with a hair standing up at crown of my head. U thought it was cool back then but looking back, it was such a tragic mess. I got a lil older and that salon closed down ad we had to find a new one.
Mom found Alter Ego at V.Luna which is much closer on where we leave. At times, Mom would go with me but as i got older, I'd tell her that I need a haircut coz the school requires a 3/4 policy haircut and she would give me a hundred and ten pesos (approx $3) and an extra fifteen pesos (couple of cents) for the tricycle ride). I absolutely hated it because for the longest time I've always wanted to grow out my hair.
The owners name is Pinky, she is a MtF Transsexual who had thin colored hair, a very groomed brows and make up for days who always wear pink. I think I sat on her chair the very firs time I went there and she really took care of me and gave me a fierce haircut and gave me a cheap deal with a bottle of hair gel. One of assistant dressers name is Odie who we eventually found out was in a relationship with Pinky which all of us find odd at that time coz Odie is gay. But in this day that's pretty normal. Odie was cute, nice average body (my brother told me that he is built now and lifts regularly) and I was a lil bit attracted to at that time. Whenever I come over for a haircut and sit on his chair he would always flirts with me. He would spend extra minutes washing my hair and massaging me head and the back of my neck and he was good. At this time I was a teenager and was conscious with the trend. I wanted that clean looking haircut still 3/4 (lol) buy styled like a celebrity. Haha! Sometimes I would switch to the other assistant which is Pinky and Odie's bestfriend. It get really busy in their salon. They have 4 chairs with 3 hairstylists. A reception area that would probably fit 3 people and they accept appointments and walk-ins too. Ghie, the 3rd stylist was gay too. A shorter guy with heavy mustache, a lil bit on the heavy set and always has a tucked in shirt. He is not much of a talker like Pinky and Odie but when they crack jokes I couldn't stop laughing. Unfortunately, I found out that he died about 3 years ago from Lung Cancer. As my brother told me this news, it reminded me right away how often Ghie takes a break and lights a cigarette. Sad.
My senior year was the first time I plucked my eyebrows and might have over plucked it looking at after how my 3rd sister, Lai, would do it. Odie made a comment that I shouldn't do it again coz I'm "handsome" pertaining probably with my obvious sexual orientation. I even saw him in a bar area where the gay crowd is very popular and that even confirms it, looking back years and years of me basically growing up before them as I get my hair done...

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