First #SeaSnow of Winter 2011/2012

The day that everybody has been waiting for finally came. Was it too late? I could care less coz I ♥ Snow!!!

The snow warnings has been in every weather channel for a week now but nothing showed up but on Sunday was the winter wonderland day. Well, at least for me.
I woke up around lunch time yesterday (1.15.11) from a long night story telling and drinking at our place. I thought it was late in the afternoon coz it was pretty bright out not knowing it was snowing really hard. My friend Sean has been staying at our place on Saturdays even if he leaves around the block and it was perfect timing that he was there coz at least we would get to play in the snow together. Haha!
I was pretty excited to walk around the area since it is the first snow fall of the season and its our first experience of snow since we moved away from downtown. When fall came, the pretty hue of colors from the trees was just amazing in our neighborhood and I can just imagine how pretty it would be when it snows. And I was right!
Please excuse the bad resolution of pictures since I only had my phone with me. My trusted iPhone 3gs is not cutting it for me lately since the 4s' camera has an amazing resolution and I've been wanting to do my upgrade.
This was taken from the living room upstairs. My poor car Georgie is all snowed in and on top of that, I haven't even used her in over a month because she needs to go to the car spa.
Our humble home looking so pretty :)
There's an island in our area where a lot of people do their runs, walk their dogs and biking for kids. But this time it was pretty empty because of the snow.
Sean and I decided to go for a walk.
You can barely see it but he is rockin my girlie boots.
My brother took this picture from our living room window and sent it to me saying we look like tourist. I say we look like kids having fun in the snow. ;)

The trees looked pretty everywhere!
This was taken from a small tree/plant at our front yard. It reminded me of a starfish. Haha!
There was a huge park closeby and I was surprised that there was not too many people/kids were there. But we saw a group of kids making a snowman and decided to see a closer look.

Oh kids this days. One kid said it's a "transgendered snowman!" and kept repeating it. At least he knows the proper term right? *sigh*
The sun blasted as we leave the park. It was such a pretty sight.

My favorite rain/snow boots my friend Eye gave me years ago for Christmas.
View from our backyard when we got back from our walk.

Mom and Dad was gonna take their turn walking around the neighborhood when we got back. If you can't tell I'm actually wearing her jacket. HaHa!

Well I hope the snow won't be as crazy anymore. It's almost spring time and this is just crazy that we just had our first snow in Seattle.

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