Who said I can't cook?

Ok... Ok... I can't really cook - cook. But I try. I've always had my mom watch over my shoulder whenever I try cooking because I tend to put too much spices on it or a lil bit too much of this and that.

My parents was out of town this weekend and my brother ate out so I was left with no choice but to make my own food. I was tired of fried food which is normally my go to meal when I'm making my own food and started craving for this Penne Pasta with Zucchini that our cafeteria at work makes once in awhile. I've had the ingredients since Christmas when I asked my mom to get it for me and thought of making it since I started craving for it.

Let me tell you, it wasn't bad at all. I mean, I didn't know that the Zucchini cooks pretty fast so it was soft when I ate it, the 2 types of cheese I chose which was a goat cheese and Parmesan was a good choice I think and the walnuts was just perfect with it.

One of my New Years resolution is to learn how to cook more and actually cook more this year and hopefully I'm in a good start. I actually made it again the next night and had my brother try it. And what did I tell you, over spicing is my specialty. When I asked his opinion/critic he immediately said, "there's too much peppers!" HaHa!

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