Cherry Veric on Stylebible.ph

I love seeing people I know be successful on what they do. One example of Cherry.
I met Cherry back in college at Far Eastern University in the Philippines and we got pretty close throughout those years. Cherry has always been into art and designing. Often times, you would catch him playing on fabrics and just pinning them and it would look like a fabulous evening gown. Once in awhile, you can catch him doodling on a piece of paper playing on some designs.

When I found out that Cherry would be competiting on the Philippine version of Project Runway, I knew I had to find a way to watch it and Youtube was my solution. Although Cherry didn't win the competition, I knew that he would make it big one day. I almost jumped out of my sit when I saw a feature of him on Stylebible.ph.

I'm so excited for more of Cherry. The dresses that he makes for celebrities and on the runways are just exquisite and the taste is just amazing!

Love you Cherry and I miss you!

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