Boo's Birthday Blanket

Boo's birthday was Sept. 22nd and I was getting really mad that my gift was back ordered so bad. I even paid $15 for a 2-day air shipping x-(.

Yesterday, my gift for him finally came in, just in time for us to see each other from his surprise birthday trip to Malibu,CA. I'll make a separate entry about it when I gather the pics from a friend who took pictures that night. I kinda wish it came in on time though so that I could have laid it out on his bed for him to see right when he comes back.

Anyways, I've heard of this website that makes a woven picture blanket and thought it would be a perfect gift for Boo. I looked into details and it was affordable and was something that he can use. I thought a blanket was a perfect gift coz I remember him talking about me having lack of "couch blankets/throws" at home. So maybe he would bring this whenever he comes over. Haha! When it came in, I immediately opened the package and laid it out on the pull out couch and it was a perfect size (60x50). I am thinking of ordering one for me, granted this is both our favorite pic together... Well at least one of them for me.

I got the woven blanket at Shutterfly. I'm definitely ordering another one :).

not using xoxo,

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