Craving Fix: Sinigang (tamarind soup)

Been sick for about a week now and every time I'm sick, I think about Sinigang to help me feel better. Not only this is my favorite Filipino food of all time but its really good whenever you are sick. The tamarind flavor in its soup is perfect to make you feel better.

Last Sunday, I was determined to have some and went straight to the market after volleyball. I didn't have to get much ingredients except for the meat coz we have most of what I need at home. I haven't cooked in years, it's just not my thing but I really wanted to make one this time. Yes, mom guided me but I refused for her to do much cooking.
I must say, it wasn't bad for my first try after a long time. Boo even came over and shared it with me (he is sick too) and I got the thumbs up for it. Yay!

not using xoxo,

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