One of my Dads previous job

I was watching a Filipino telenovela last night with my Dad which I have been following lately. "Magkaribal" (Rivals) is a story of log lost sisters who ends up being big rivals in the fashion industry. The two was separated when they were younger and one of them ended up being rich and the other ended up in the streets which she met a guy who eventually became her long lost sisters future boyfriend.

What does this have to do with my dads precious job. In the middle of watching the telenovela, my dad shared his experience working for a now prominent Filipino designer, Pitoy Moreno. He told me that he used to be a pattern maker/helper for the Filipino designer. He said that he would be doing some construction stuff on days after he got his Architecture diploma then at night, he would help with pattern making for the designer. It suddenly made my silly mind say, no wonder he has a fierce "daughter" in the present time. Lol!!!

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