Bekimon (Baklang Jejemon)

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 Bekimon: (noun) isang Bakla, Lalaking bakla or Babaeng Bakla na Hardcore gumamit ng Gay lingo sa usapan at kahit sarili Nya ay Hindi Nya maintindihan minsan.

I've been so addicted following this guy in YouTube. His name is Bern Josep (yosep) Persia, a photographer/call center agent from the Philippines. He had this brilliant idea of making a video series using the Filipino Gay Lingo that I grew up learning from friends and in the streets of the Philippines.

I must say I miss using/talking in a complete Bekimon mode. I attended 3 1/2 years of college in Far Eastern University which is very know for having a huge amount of LGBT students.

I get to conversate in Bekimon mode here in Seattle as well with my Filipino friends whom I've met ever since I've moved here. No to mention when I'm talking to my Bay Area and Filipino friends everywhere that I met through volleyball.

Bern or Mudak in his YouTube video series brings me back home. It's almost like the Filipino Gay Channel that I watch just like how I watch The Filipino Channel.

In his very young and new series, not all his videos are clear. Some are taken from a webcam, cellphone cameras and sometimes it's through a clear digital camera. But I see a good future to his channel if he keeps up a good work.

On this video, he teaches his son the Bekimon Alphabet or as he calls it "AlphaBecks". Its super funny!

I love how he has other characters like Grandma Mudak, Junior and the ever popular voice behind the camera, Mudaks son. Everybody is going insane how mysterious his character is with the bedroom voice that he has. I couldn't resist but got curious and even left a comment on of the videos asking about the son.

I would definitely follow this addicting series and hoping that he would post more interesting videos.

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  1. wow! bongga to! i love you na teh! all off my videos were shot using a camera phone... I never really uploaded any video with subtitles but somebody else is doing the subs for me. He religiously downloads every video that I post and puts subtitles. His name is June Martinez Pascual.(thanks June!)

    And thank you for writing this... i feel inspired....

  2. I can't b'lieve I actually read it .. U know me 'n reading ..

    Love it .. I hope Bern had a teary-eye reading this ..


  3. Mudak!!! im glad you liked this! your channel with fly high! keep it coming and entertaining us! i love this! it brings me back hom!!! parang TFC lang. hahaha!