Broknee (broken knee): my friend Raspy from Portland posted a comment on the same pic below on my Facebook page asking if "Cankle"(cow ankles) is for a broken ankle then what would it be for the knee? The result?

So I played volleyball today and was really excited. Like a normal volleyball day, one would ask on Facebook who would be going to whichever location. On Wednesdays, its mostly either Indoor Volleyball at Rainier Community Center or because it's summer and we've been having a good streak of good weather, some people player prefer playing Outdoors Volleyball at Greenlake.

I started hitting up people through text or Facebook or text messages and we had a good turn out. Really competitive and good volleyball.

What sucked?

I played an outdoors volleyball down at Portland last Saturday so pretty much my approach is totally off. I couldn't make a kill to save my life. I hate when this happens most especially with a good competition. It kinda reminded me why I prefer not playing outdoors. Not to mention I already have a bad right knee.

By the end of the night, I can feel my knees complaining already. But I ignored it. By the end of my last game, I felt something funny under my knee cap nit to mention there's already fluids that I can feel on top of it.

I got home and prepared dinner and while waiting for it to heat up, I made myself some ice pack in a ziploc and wrapped it with cling wrap around my knee to aecure it for some "rehabbing".

This sucks! I have a tournament in about two weeks or so at Long Beach. It will be my season opener for NAGVA. I really needy heal fast so can be ready.

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