Who ate my lunch?

I haven't written any blogs lately but I'll for sure update this as soon as I get time. But this one cannot be missed and I just feel like venting.

I was looking forward for lunch yesterday coz I was able to order from the lunch lady last week for mondays menu. It's one of my favorites Palabok, think Filipino Pud Thai (but not really. Lol)

My lunch came in a huge to go box and it was packed with Palabok for only $6. I decided to just eat half portion omit and was probably gonna eat the rest hen I get home. After clocking out, I grabbed my leftovers from the break room and noticed that my packed lunch was in a different position. I opened it and somebody had the audacity to take 1/4 portion of the half I left.

I was so mad walking back n fourth and decided to write a note above but was originally gonna be posted on the refrigerator but since I was already upset about my leftover, I then decided to leave it in our break room just in vase that person wants the rest. LOL!

Who eats somebody else's lunch without permission? How rude! Next time maybe I'll put some hot sauce r whatnot just to make their day horrible after eating somebody else's food.

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