30 minutes in the Seattle Gum Wall

A lot of people might be able to relate when I say that we don't do tourist stuff and local scenes on where we live. But when we get a chance and have a visitor in town then we grab the opportunity and enjoy it as well.

You've probably heard about the Seattle Gum Wall. According to wiki, it's names one of the top 5 germiest tourist attractions in 2009.

Tell me why we just spent 30 minutes here? Haha. It was yucky but we had Tina of fun taking pictures and contributing some more germs together with my good friend Nate who was visiting from SoCal.

Here are some pics...

Marc and I getting a lil too close to the wall


Ryan (dont know what he is trying to do)

Nate making his contribution to germs. LOL!

We then all decided to contribute and the gum Grimace and I got matches our shirt colors

Nate and I

Marc decided to put Ronalds picture from his business card since Ronald couldnt make it because of work

This one was my contribution obviously. We saw this prom pics and it was super cute! This BFFs obviously ripped their prom dates just to make it look like they were each others prom dates. So I helped them out and spread their LOVE for each other. LMAO!

Nate's first work! It took him forever to make that N coz the gum was still eeky wet! haha!

And finally my favorite!!! Nate wanted to make another one and removed his iphone case since it was already broken. Then he of course put an N for his name and Marc bedazzled it with his pink gum. I then decided to put a heart and letter C for my name. Love yah Natalia!

I'll be fore sure checking this out the next time im in the area!!!

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