Mr. & Ms. Asian Pacific Islander 2010 Legends

I have mentioned about the Mr. & Ms. Asian Pacific Islander 2010 pageant before and posted a blog about our photo shoot and I for sure had fun with that one.

The day has finally arrived last Saturday, September 25 for the coronation night. I wanted to share this video to express how much thankful I am that I am part of this group and most especially, I wanted to thank the founders of the Asian Pacific Islander Council for still considering me part of the organization. The people who's on the video/performance are the people who worked hard to make this event possible.

I most definitely love the song choice that they made for this performance. I have to admit, the song still plays in my head most of the time. It was originally performed by female celebrities for the Stand up for the Cure of Cancer but it's meaning is very wide.

Hope you guys enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed being back on stage for one night only (don't know when is the next one). Haha!

Included in the performance are (by appearance) Shaka Kwan, Teriyaki Temple, Neveah, Kelly Temple, Aleksa Manila, Regina King, Kalika Manila, yours truly Chanelle Montenegro, Nina Flowers, Gaysha Starr, Asia Cache and Tanya Rachinee. These girls worked hard for the event and I'm definitely looking onward on working with them again.


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