Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Call it a chick flick but the movie tackles about a typical highschool life of a young girl and a young boy who are in somewhat separate worlds.
It's cliche but yet it's real. A girl who felt out of her element but had her own world and fun in highschool who didn't have the pretty girl looks but tried to change just to get a boys heart. Little did she know that the boy is manly in love with her even when she was a nobody.

Bromance - we all know about there is a bro code but when the bestfriend became interested to the girl and asked never to fall in love with heathen that's painful. Sometimes it's hard not to break the bro code but if he is really your "brother" then it should be understandable.
I definitely recommend watching this movie. Your gonna have to have patience with the subtitle and foreign language but it's different and it makes it more interesting and you get into it.

9 out of 10 but make it 10 out of 10 coz of Mario (main lead)

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