Mr. Cab driver

I’ve been riding the cab to work for the past 3 weeks now since I sprained my ankle and at the same time, the tabs on my car expired just right when I got back from my trip. How timely right?

On my first days of taking the cab, I came to realize that I save half of the money I pay for parking ($11) and probably gas in a day. I know! I know! A lot of my friends and co-workers have said that why not take the bus? I’ll save $10 of what I’m spending. This week, I decided to give my ankles some exercise so I started walking home from work. Slowly but surely I am starting to pick up the pace and getting into my usual walking time without being injured. It’s painful at times but it’s nothing like a pain meds can’t fix. Haha! But the walk is the reason why I’ve been saving half of my gas money and parking fee everyday on a work day.

Mr. Cab driver

I’ve had the same cab driver the past 3 days. A really nice older African-American man named James who obviously is willing to take a passenger (as he said today) $5 cab drive.

On the first day when he picked me up, he parked on the side of the building instead of the front door. He started driving the other way instead of my usual straight to downtown which is obviously quicker. He corrected me and said, it would just make sense to take the road he chose coz he was facing that way. In the back of my head I was like, “hello? A simple U-turn can fix it”. And of course all I was thinking was he was just trying to get as much meter time since it’s a short ride. It was just a couple of cents difference when I got to work so I was like “whatever”! But honestly, I was annoyed.

I didn’t remember him the next day compared to how he remembers me. As soon as I said my destination he immediately said “Now we can go straight downtown”. I looked at him and remembered my cab ride the previous day. Great! Same rip off cab driver. He was trying to explain how he didn’t want to park in front of my apartment coz there’s buses coming from traffic and he didn’t want to get honked on. He is actually nice and talked stories but it was too early for me to comprehend (LOL!). Upon my arrival to work I asked if he is normally in my area on that time of the day (as early as 6:15am) and he replied “yes”, I replied “well I hope I’ll see you again coz it’s hard to get a cab sometimes early in the morning.

Today, I think he was right outside my apartment even before I called. It took me awhile to go downstairs and I wasn’t getting any calls from the automated thing that calls you when your cab has arrived. He knew my schedule and told me that he was waiting for the dispatch on my area around 6:20am. I said “Sweet! I didn’t have to worry that nobody will show up on time and I’ll be late for work”. He was more talkative and chatty today asking me question if I always take a cab and if I was from the Philippines when it made me think, is it actually a good thing that he knows what time I leave for work and stuff like that. But its sweet having almost like a personal cab driver. Haha! Before opening the cab door he immediately said “ill see you tomorrow”. Kinda scary I know. But the old man is really nice and takes me to work safely.

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