San Francisco Pride 2010 part 1

I spent the past 2 years of Gay Pride in San Francisco and sadly I'm missing out the fun this year and decided to celebrate pride in Seattle. Looking back in some of the pictures I took brought me back on how fun it was last year and kinda made me sad that I wont be there this year. 

Here are some pics of  San Francisco Pride 2010 that I took...

 June and I at Napa Valley

 Fell in love with this area and wanna get married here. haha!

 Wine tasting at Napa

 Group pic as we tour the place

 On our way to the Sunday parade. I was so proud of myself for taking the bart. Haha! And notice that Jet was holding our Four Loko. Loves it!

This 2 are the only people who can make me take the bart. haha!

 Apparently this guy is a famous porn star or something. I don't know!

 @ Civic Center

 Group pic while Jet was being behind them. 

 Heart and ChaCha

 By this time Jet was half wasted already

 I got to see my highschool friend Leila (white) together with her partner. 

 So cute!

 My BFF (far left) John with his BF (on my right) and Rey from Hawaii. I spent my first pride in San Francisco with John and Rey in 2007 I think. And here we are again!

 Jet was a peeing machine all day I swear!

Jenn and I

Jet, Tony and I got tired of the craziness at Civic Center and decided to hit the bars downtown SFO and this was our first stop

 Drunk #1

 Drunk #2

2nd stop on top of a hotel somewhere in downtown


 Our 3rd stop had a live band playing on a boat. They were so good and reminded me of partying in the Philippines

 Sharing a bowl of a double long island iced tea

 So good!

Tony and I decided to hit the dance floor where mostly older couples are dancing ballroom or whatnot. I think we outdid all of them and left. hahahaha! 

 We couldnt stop laughing coz we were all making fun of them and was being silly on the dance floor


 Happy Hour food and drinks!

 Long Island Bowl #2 
This was probably our favorite stop.


 She was the first one down. She couldnt drink anymore at this point

 Pee like a dog

At this point it was about 11pm already and we had no clue how we are gonna get home. Tony lives at Daly City and we didnt drive. We had to be smart and call resources. Who did we call?


He drove all the way from San Jose just to get us. Thanks Dad!

 Daddy had no clue what he is in for. Till he got there and saw Jet. 

 We invited him to eat but he didn't know that we got connected with Heart and the gang who decided to go somewhere else while we were bar hopping.

 Jet was OUT!
Mission Accomplished!

 Bye Gurl!

We ended the night with some Jollibee (Filipino McDonalds)

We had a blast that day. It's always fun just being spontaneous and mix it with alcohol then its a double blast for sure. 

I'll post a part 2 of my trip last year from the Pink Party in Castro. My sister Leki hosted us as usual and thats always fun!

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  1. Your freind Jet is adorable. Is he into guys and is he single. ;)