Thirsty Thursday @ Home

I've been sick the whole week and it progressed day by day. Started with itchy throat on Monday and fever on Tuesday. By Wednesday, I can feel my Asthma just lingering around together with some chest congestion. And here comes Thursday, they all came together as if it was a grand reunion of the whole week. LOL!

I've been thinking of puffing some from my inhaler but I'm not one to rely on it. I've had inhalers for the longest time but because of stories that I've heard from the inhaler dependents, I am too scared to be one.

I decided to take two puffs on Thursday finally. Lil stupid me didn't check my puff count and thought off looking at the expiration date. All I know was this was subscribed to me last on 2009. Sure enough, my inhaler has been expired since January of 2009. No wonder my throat has been extra dry whenever I take it whenever I have attacks when I'm playing volleyball or having bad allergy attacks.

I called my friend who works for the clinic if he can fit me in to a last minute appointment and thankfully there was one right after work. I was able to get three years supply of inhalers and I am good to go! YAY!

I am known for some Thirsty Thursdays event together with my closest friends. The club is not too packed for us to dance and get our drinks without too many hassles. PLUS! There is Amateur Strip Show (ASS) hosted by our favorite Lady Chablis.

It was perfect timing that my Pinoy (Filipino) Bakla's (Gays) have planned to hang out at my place and chill with food and drinks. Even though I'm bummed that I missed Thirsty Thursdays, Thirsty Thursdays was sent to me. Haha!

They brought some DiGiorno for dinner and some Chicken.

We chilled in my living room with some Vodka and some Volleyball action on my DVR!

Hopefully I get better soon. I hate being sick and hopefully this is it for my flu season sickness. I've paid my dues and hopefully NO MORE! As soon as that free flu shot at work comes out, I'll be first in line.

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